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Review date: 22-May-2013 05:28. Enjoy being naked around clothed girls, or at least fantasizing about it? Think it’s hot when there’s a bunch of girls in clothes around you and you can feel them getting aroused looking at your hard cock? CFNM Spot is the right spot to satisfy your needs to see exclusive hardcore clothed female, naked male porn! The site is a great new no-fuss place for full length videos and more.

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Intro promises:
What’s your idea of a sexy party? If it can possibly involve being naked and hard around a bunch of hot girls who are really worked up and bothered but stay clothed, much unlike you, we feel we have to share somebody with you. What we have to share is called CFNM Spot, and it’s the newest and the coolest site out there which was built to satisfy the needs of those into CFNM porn. Clothed female, naked male fantasies are something you may have even if you are not aware you’re into this very special fetish-like thing! Trust us, it’s fun, just whipping your cock out and being naked and ready to go amidst all these girls. You know they are staring at your thing, you just know it. And being nude among them, it’s just such a damn thrill. There are quite a few CFNM sites out there. CFNM Spot is among the newest, and from the looks of it, it cuts all the crap out of this entire thing! Browse the tour and you’ll see the site looks very basic, but apparently offers quite a bit of stuff to see. No actual video trailer that you can play back, but a lot of episode thumbnails which still give you quite a picture of what’s to come. You’re to cum buckets, that’s for sure! CFNM Spot does have a tube site feel about it, and you know how these tube sites are. A lot of stuff to watch, and all awesome!

What kinds of CFNM videos do you prefer, really? Ever asked yourself that question? Let us try to answer it for you, just once. You prefer CFNM videos with lots of hot girls in them, filmed n fun, cool locations, which run for quite a while, up to an hour or so, and which feature hot stuff going on, like the horniest girls getting boned, plus blowjobs and all the rest. You also want these videos to be available in large amounts in a well-built member area with no distractions like ads or god forbid viruses or other crap. Well, dude, we got good news here. CFNM Spot is exactly this way. The site would definitely not be included in top 5 CFNM sites with the fanciest design. However, it would easily rank among the top sites in this niche if you have a look how long the videos are, how many of them CFNM Spot has, and how easy it is to watch them. Download too, of course. CFNM Spot is all about ease of use, a simple layout and design, plus exclusive videos which run for about an hour each. How about that? The videos are not too dark or kinky at all. They represent the fun, bright, colorful side of CFNM, where pretty girls gather to party and there’s a lucky stud or two among them who ends up naked, hard – and with his dick in quite a lot of mouths and pussies. Find out for yourself, CFNM Spot really is all about fun!

CFNM Spot is a fun new site which has the most basic-looking layout and design ever, and still manages to capture your attention for days and days to come. How? Easy. CFNM Spot features hundreds of full length downloadable CFNM-themed vids which are an absolute delight to watch. With crowds of action-hungry girls, big, hard guys, and steamy CFNM play which almost often ends in some sort of steamy sex, this place just couldn’t get any more awesome. CFNM fans who don’t like to waste time on smaller, less fun sites – watch out for this one and give it a try!

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