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Chicas Malas

Chicas Malas

Review date: 21-Jun-2012 05:19. And you thought the avalanche of Spanish language porn was over! We bring a bit of Hispanic heat right back now with Chicas Malas. A great standalone site and a proud part of the Cum Louder network, Chicas Malas specializes in bad Latina girls who make their first steps in hardcore gonzo porn – and end up in truly outrageous scenes. Oh, these chicas are bad, and you want to see them!

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Chicas Malas

Intro promises:
Summer is in full swing, and nothing goes better in this heat than a bit of hot Spanish language porn, which, as you know already, is kinda having its best days right now. There is this relatively untapped source of great high definition porn with hot Latinas in their natural habitat, and we keep fishing out goodies from this well of Hispanic smut to the day. Some time has passed since we reviewed a site from this glorious bunch, and now we thought, hey, we want these hot chicas back for a while. Here they are, right at Chicas Malas. If you don’t know, this translates to bad girls, and we couldn’t have thought of a better name for the place, really. This glossy, gleaming, high quality site cares for the needs of those fans of Latina porn who want to see amateur girls making their first steps in the world of high grade Hispanic smut. By high grade Hispanic smut we mean the Cum Louder network, of course. In a way, Chicas Malas is a sort of an entry point: you see a girl for the first time, before anyone else does, really, and if she performs well, she ends up doing more stuff for other sites in the network. Depending on her special features and talents, that is. Chicas Malas lets you preview a number of episodes from its big collection. Don’t get too carried away, you can only see like three trailers in one go!

The member area of Chicas Malas is essentially the whole Cum Louder network, with all its Hispanic hotties and bold, daring, crazy episodes filmed in flawless quality. The stuff you’ll see here features brief interviews with the girls, mostly taken outdoors, some rowdy behavior by them, featuring gratuitous nudity in public, and then the girls are taken to some indoor location to test their skills in hardcore fucking. By the time the story gets to the actual sex you’ll be rock hard and begging for a finish! And oh boy will you get one. The episode count is close to a hundred and all episodes feature natural Latina girls with next door looks filmed anywhere from Barcelona to Colombia. Slim, exotic, outspoken and wild, they are the kind of Hispanic girls you would like to have in your filthy fantasies – and in your bed, too! The actual sex part features lots of deep oral banging, anal penetrations, different positions and angles, in other words, it’s intense spontaneous sex you will totally blow your load watching. The site’s content collection follows the Cum Louder network standards and offers full length high definition videos in a choice of formats for easy downloads, as well as high resolution pictures. For gonzo porn filmed outdoors, sometimes with shocked strangers passing by, this is great production quality for sure. And great hardcore sex with fresh Latina porn girls, too!

Chicas Malas is the door to the universe of new, fresh and steaming hot Spanish language porn that amateur girls from all over the Spanish speaking world open eagerly. You are about to see the freshest faces in Hispanic world fucked mercilessly with extra fat dick. Chicas Malas is a great addition to the Cum Louder network, featuring all types of beginner porn girls doing all kinds of beginner porn girl stuff. Interviews, exposing themselves in the streets, chocking on fat dick, it’s all here, filmed for your pleasure – as is everything else in the network access to which is free!

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