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Chick Lick Club

Chick Lick Club

Review date: 16-Aug-2017 08:01. If you enjoy girl-on-girl porn, but have been disappointed lately by the same old same old stuff, you might want to check out Chick Lick Club! As the title suggests, you'll be right in the middle of babes living (and licking) in the laps of luxury. These girls clearly enjoy getting it on with each other and the scenes provided to members offer up a decent selection of new twists and turns in the lesbo sex niche.

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Chick Lick Club

Intro promises:
Of course, if all you want is a good collection of videos and pictures which show sexy babes going down on each other and licking up every drop of love juice, Chick Lick Club is the place to be. All of the babes are attractive and well rounded in shape and talents. But, just as an example of how this site offers a bit more deviation from the norm, I checked out an episode between two stunning leggy babes - one was clearly the boss over the other. Both of the girls has absolutely MASSIVE tits and they were dressed to thrill. Both chicks had high heel fetish footwear which was enough to knock anyones socks off, and their kinky outfits included shiny corsets and studded slave collars.

In this particular episode, the mischievous submissive chick was snooping in her Mistresss' stuff while her Domme was away, and it did not take long for her to "accidentally" handcuff herself behind her back (only in LA). Of course, as she was fumbling to get out, her Domme bitch chick friend returned home and decided to take full advantage of the situation. Before long, the leggy brown skinned submissive was on her knees with her ass propped up and the rounds of her cheeks fully exposed. She was wearing a tight thong and for all intents and purposes, there was not much between her sexy round bare ass and the cat of nine tails her dirty Dykelet applied to her. The "discipline" was very tame and gentle but the girl did get the point. If you're already rolling your eyes from the cheese factor of this story, you're paying too much attention to the script. I don't think the storyline is the main thrust of the entertainment here, but it's enough to guide the girls through the dirty motions. Of course a lesbian discipline session would not be complete without having to lick a Mistresss' pussy. As the title if this site is Click LICK Club, there is enough pussy licking going on here to deliver on the promise. But fingers and toys are also a BIG (especially some of the toys) part of this sextravaganza. And, in case you were wondering, yes, these girls take it up the ass too!

$24.95 is the cover charge for this club and while the pics and flicks of sexy lesbos are enough to carry the weight of admission price, you also get full access to a bunch of other porn sites! If you want lesbo lovemaking shown up close and personal with some added bonus for a very good deal, stop by Chick Lick Club asap!

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