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Chicks In Socks

Chicks In Socks

Review date: 6-Nov-2017 06:57. Chicks in socks advertises itself as the ultimate site for the sock fetishist. For a very low price you get access to a small but interesting fetish network, and you get two updates a week. Content is sometimes superficial or too soft, either way, it's a great deal for the price and vast amounts of content if you're a sock or foot lover.

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Chicks In Socks

Intro promises:
If you are a sock fetishist, you must have had past experience with the difficulty of finding high quality sock fetish content. Chicks in socks is a website that aims to bridge that gap and provide with a huge amount of content featuring from ankle white socks to thigh highs and everything in between, in both exclusive and non-exclusive videos and pictures.

Updates come twice a week, featuring either a photo set or a video, never both at the same time; and they mostly go by themselves but occasionally match each other. Content ranges from amateur content to studio produced sets, and features every kind of sock imaginable (ankle white socks, stripy knee highs, and colorful thigh highs) in content that also ranges from non-nude to masturbation and some lesbian sets, but overall keeps its softcore nature. Photosets are not downloadable in ZIP form, and are available in one image size only, and videos are available in 3 formats (AVI, MOV and iPod) but only one resolution again. While the photos are of great quality, it might be a bit on the large side for quick browsing, although since content is of varying quality, there are also cases where small-ish sized pictures will follow a high quality update. The price is a very nice offer, and with the additional access to another socks site and an assorted fetish site, you get plenty of content to keep you entertained with other foot fetish niches and similar interests. Mind you, you might not be fully satisfied, (at least with Chicks in Socks by itself), if you're looking for direct involvements of the socks in the sex act and you are interested in socks exclusively, since they're mostly used for teasing the camera and at best touched a few times. If you're in the lighter side of the fetish spectrum, this will indeed be a more than satisfying website, but if you're looking for more explicit action, you might be disappointed. Something to mention is, all the girls are very attractive, and they range from known models to amateurs as to have a nice assortment to attract as wide an audience as possible, while this is appreciated, it might also have been better to go a less wide route, both regarding action, kind of socks and kind of content.

All in all, this little network is worth a try for the low price and enthusiasm put into it by the owners, and the only detracting point it has, is indeed the superficiality of the content, so to speak, however, you should really give it a try if socks are your passion, since you won't get a better deal anywhere and you can make your suggestions heard on the forum and via email should you seek something more specific, and with the full network you will find something for you for sure.

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