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Review date: 9-Sep-2012 19:40. Like them young, fun, and plus-sized? Then don’t miss Chubbiez, a super new softcore site with truly unforgettable teen plumpers from the UK and elsewhere. You have no idea what these young chubby cuties can be up to when they are all alone, with nobody to see them but you. Check it out now, the site has hours of video with really delicious girls who love being chubby and naughty!

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Intro promises:
It’s amazing what a few extra inches and pounds can do to a woman. Someone whose vision of sensuality is limited by conventional beauty standards just wouldn’t get it. Chubby ladies are fun, generous, and extremely creative when it comes to getting down and dirty. Being with them is like nothing else – especially if we’re talking about young chubby girls who’re always in the mood for fun. If you have been missing a site that would really let the beauty of hot chubby teens and young sexy plumpers blossom, how about Chubbiez right here? It’s as new as an adult site can possibly get, we only found out about its launch almost literally yesterday. At the same time it seems like a very strong product featuring hot teen chubby models from the UK, Europe and beyond being naughty and natural on camera for the first time. Have a look at the tour to find out more. It gives a few important site facts, showcases the catalog of girls, and does it all with style and simplicity. It’s just you and their chubby awesomeness, nothing else, no banners, no adspeak, no filler bonuses and other crap. Looks like we have come across a real gem for the chubby chaser here, gentlemen! We can’t wait to meet the girls and see what they’re up to when they get needy. Let’s find out right now!

Proceed with caution, this thing can really enslave your heart, and well, your cock as well. Chubbiez is full of girls which are oozing chubby cuteness magic from every pore they have. Essentially, this is a softcore site where each new girl can put up a sexy show to impress, amaze and arouse a chubby chaser like you who would be watching it. The girls look just totally delicious, radiant with health, fun attitude and sensuality. Some of them are really big while others are just moderately chubby – but you will love watching every single bit they have with them here. Chubbiez features full length episodes which contain downloadable videos and pictures of all these lovely young plumpers doing their favorite thing or three on camera. It can be getting oiled up and masturbating, or just masturbating, or showing off what kind of sexy underwear they like wearing – or any combination of these and then something else! Chubby girl fans will never get bored here, the selection of lovely chubby teens from the UK and beyond that Chubbiez has really makes this place worth your while. There are over 45 photo sets here and more than 10 total hours of video right now. Totally great for a brand new site, and check it out, there are 7+ other very special sites waiting for you to check them out for no extra fee. A great deal, no less!

Chubbiez is a great find for those who are into plus sized teen girls from the Old World. If you like chubby girls just being their natural sexy selves and teasing and fooling around and what not for the camera, this is your thing. The girls are totally cute and you have cuteness and chubby sex appeal all around here. The site comes with a nice starting package of perfectly exclusive content, and the bonus offer is one of the best we have ever seen in porn. Give Chubbiez a try and you’ll be hooked in no time at all. These chubby cuties are just irresistible, meet them now!

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