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Review date: 2-Nov-2015 20:50. The golden age of porn… That sure sounds cool. Enjoy a real hot blast from the past with Cinderella, a brand new site revealing the lost bits from the good old days of smut. Cinderella gives you an incredible insight into rare XXX footage from the 80s, uploading a new full length movie every single week and letting you enjoy it in conveniently sliced segments. And there’s much more!

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Intro promises:
We are pretty sure you enjoy watching classic porn of the 80s and 70s even if you don’t realize it. What’s not to like? It was a new thing back then, and a controversial one too. People tried much harder to make it look good, and they were also massively turned on by the whole thing. Nice-looking films, gorgeous ladies with sexy bushes, meaningful stories and plenty of outrageously hot sex – what’s not to like? So, if you feel like several dozens of rare 80s movies sliced into 15-fragments plus lots of other content and features could be something you’d enjoy, here comes Cinderella. This brand new site brings you rare titles a lot of which have never been released even on DVD, never mind online. The tour here blends the classic look and feel with modern features. Browse around and you’ll find out all you need to know about what kind of site Cinderella and what awaits you inside. The whole place is aptly subtitled The Lost Footage, and this does make you curious, doesn’t it? It means that even if you are a long-time fan of the genre, you will find a lot of stuff you have never seen inside here. Sounds kinda awesome, doesn’t it? Instead of looking for rare classic porn in weird places risking a virus infection or some other crap like that, you have all the hottest rare titles right in front of you, available for comfortable watching. Let’s get inside and find out more!

It’s great when old and new are combined, right? In terms of porn and speaking about Cinderella, it means that all the steaming hot titles from the golden days were not just digitally remastered, but also cut into smaller fragments. This makes the whole watching process much more convenient and easy. You can stream or download only the parts that you think are the hottest. But also, it’s a great idea to watch films from beginning to end. Sometimes we really feel like kicking back with an oldie title. There’s usually some sort of story, there’s style, and you feel people are trying to make it at least a bit artistic and creative. Plus of course there’s plenty of hot old style fucking. Cinderella is all about adding brand new DVD titles every week, like we said, split into episodes. Full DVDs are also available. In fact, tons of stuff are available, within Cinderella and across the entire network this cool new site is part of. A typical scene plays around 15 minutes or so, and with categories and names of performers you can pretty much find anything in just a couple of clicks. There are over 15 categories in here for now, for most common things like anal, ebony, creampie and the like. The footage does look great, almost as good as new titles in HD – of course, with plenty of old style hotness in there. You can stream, download, or favorite movies, which pretty much turns Cinderella into your one-stop place for all your classic porn related needs.

Cinderella is magical. Not only you get access to dozens of classic porn DVDs and shorter scenes, but you also enjoy a level of user friendliness that most other sites just don’t have. Get inside and start browsing all these high quality scenes, digitally remastered and cut just for you. Cinderella features tons of rare classic porn material, lets you search by pornstars and categories, and pretty much turns you into one happy boner-stroking old time porn fan. Check it out, it’s worth it!

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