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Club Ginger Jones

Club Ginger Jones

Review date: 22-Aug-2017 06:29. If you prefer your porn to be high class, glossy and glamour XXX, then the Ginger Jones Official Website may have just what you seek! I recently reviewed another site by the makers of this one and after reviewing the Ginger Jones Official Website, a few kudos, comments and warnings may be in order. Ginger Jones is a nude and adult model, striptease dancer, exotic dance teacher born in Hungary/Budapest on 06.18.1981.

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Club Ginger Jones

Intro promises:
She has graced the covers of: Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, Vamp, CKM, Boss magazine, Fokusz magazine, Luxx magazine and it makes perfect sense for her to host her very own official website. If you have your eye on variety, don't despair - this website features many other hot models in addition to Ginger Jones! The preview of this site gives you an immediate sense that you are in a higher level of adult explicit erotic entertainment. The photography is super high res, sharp, and professionally produced. All of the models are hot and the full spectrum of naughty adult behaviour is thoroughly explored!

This site seems pretty straight forward from the visitors' side - DVD quality videos and professional Euro Glam Porn style pictures of Ginger and her sexy girlfriends. But when you slip over to the members side, you may discover some caveats. I first encountered this issue with an earlier site I reviewed (Maria Bellucci Official Website) - there is some heavy duty upselling on the members side. Some members may be confused (as was I initially) about which galleries are included with their membership and which ones require additional memberships. It seems that the makers of this site have produced a series of sites featuring top notch adult XXX models and their girlfriends. As it turns out, some of the 'girlfriends' have their own 'official websites' as well and from one website you will find links promoting the other websites. This practice may be fine for previews, but it would not be surprising if some members get miffed when clicking on gallery links in the members' area, they are invited to sign up for more sites (instead of enjoying the gallery they thought was included). The makers DO separate the included galleries from the 'additional partner' galleries but the distinction is subtle and this style of upselling is somewhat uncommon. Once you understand that some of the galleries listed in the members' area of the Ginger Jones site may link to the preview of, for example, the Maria Bellucci website, you can avoid unpleasant distractions by playing closer attention to the text around the graphics. To me (and I'm sure to some members as well), this seems like a bit too much work for a site I expect to be entertained by.

With 23 models and 25 galleries, this site seems a bit light on content when compared with other similar sites, but as the pictures re high res (1066x1600) and the videos are DVD Quality (WMV), the membership fee of $29.95 (30 days) is reasonable but not as good a deal as some other Euro Porn sites. You can sign up for longer (90 days $59.95, 180 days $89.95), but I suggest you start with the monthly plan until (if) you feel like making a longer commitment. If you're a fan of Ginger Jones, it goes without saying that this IS the Official Website, so get hooked up asap!

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