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Cocky Boys

Cocky Boys

Review date: 3-Nov-2017 05:04. Kyle Majors' Cocky Boys is a slick, stylish ego trip for all involved. You can read all about the man behind this site under the Diaries tab (Kyle's 'sex journal of sorts') and keep up on the stories behind new video shoots, models, the annual children's holiday shoe drive in West Hollywood(?), and the trials and tribulations of all things Kyle (things like, oh, how he finds the time to manage his trust fund).

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Cocky Boys

Intro promises:
The site is gorgeously produced with clean lines and ultra-crisp photography, but the downside to all of this style is that it sometimes overshadows the substance of the actual content. Often when producers and directors focus on men who are essentially model quality (in this case, with an all-American/Abercrombie/ jock aesthetic) the end product can fail miserably when this same beauty interferes with essentials like chemistry and actual sexual desire when the cameras start to roll on two young men who, up until that very moment, each believed that he was the most beautiful boy in the world.

To the left of the Diaries are the Interviews, which are essentially trailers for the Movies (two doors down along the top navigation bar on the other side of Photos) and screen tests for individual models. The Photos are stills from the aforementioned trailers and Movies with brief descriptions of the activities and men involved. A video featuring Hugo (a Latin twink of Peruvian descent) titled, 'Cum in the Eye,' has a synopsis that begins with the query, 'Have you ever cum so hard that the jizz goes places you never expected?' Video clips rev up in a small window within the larger site via Flash and become unwieldy from there. (Can you tell that I'm not a fan of the Flash? It loads weird, demands a lot of attention (in the form of bandwidth), and generally isn't as responsive as QuickTime or even Windows Media). Full-length videos are available for download in two sizes, 330k and 500k, as (groan') FLV files. 'Members can check out the individual men under the tab marked 'The Boys' and review each model's stats (age, height, weight, ethnicity, cock size, zodiac sign, hometown, and turn-ons) and the story behind his rise to fame as a Cocky Boy.

Membership includes access to Bondage Boys, Frat Boys, Military Recruits and others. Cocky Boys is unabashedly LA, so if you don't pine for the bright lights of that particular big city (or it's glamorous and gym-sculpted inhabitants), this one might not be for you. One thing that does stand out, however, is the fact that Kyle makes his '[m]odels' welfare' a very high priority' on his recruitment page ('Get Discovered') by warning men interested in the business against accepting low wages for their work as well as providing tips for avoiding predatory producers, agents, and photographers. And that's pretty fuckin' cool in my book.

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