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Coeds Love Big Dicks

Coeds Love Big Dicks

Review date: 10-Jan-2017 06:19. Expect lots of huge cocks prodding into these girls like aardvark snouts into a promising ant colony along with teens, college girls, lesbians, group sex, anal, interracial, ebony, Asians, Middle Eastern girls, and everything else one would expect from a website full of porn actresses pretending to be young, nubile coeds who, as the website itself attests, "can't get enough huge dicks."

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Coeds Love Big Dicks

Intro promises:
Coeds Love Big Dicks is the rather obvious name for a website that features hot college girls who are, surprise surprise, what you'd call size queens. The website layout looks nice, but they bury the Coeds content amid all the other content from the other sites in this network, making it hard to find. The homepage lists all the recent updates for all the sites, which is a nice feature, but there's so much there that it's hard to find exactly what you want right away. However, everything loads quickly once you find it (click on InPass sites in the toolbar and look for Coeds Love Big Dicks), and there aren't any pop ups, thank the good Lord, which means my poor laptop will be that much cleaner in terms of spyware.

The content is exclusive as far as I know, and low-end professional; these girls are porn stars, but they're either new or they just don't have much exposure. In either case, they allow the guys to take some pretty crazy liberties with them, including writing degrading stuff on them or making them gargle and brush their teeth with cum, so this is the kinkier, nastier side of hardcore porn. That said, the borderline humiliation they employ here is fairly creative, so points given where they're due. The models are pretty hot, some more than others, but they all look good naked and they're all believable as coeds; no cougars in this den of kittens. These girls are pretty rowdy too, thinking nothing of taking these big dicks in every hole and letting these guys abuse them in all manner of non-harmful but still extreme ways, like writing degrading messages on their foreheads and making them gargle cum, which the models are totally cool with. The pictures are screenshots that follow the progression of the scene they're taken from, and are generally quite good. One or two are captured at awkward moments, but they're overall excellent galleries that are sometimes in excess of ten pages long. That's a lot of pictures. But it's the movies that make or break Coeds Love Big Dicks, and luckily they deliver. The movies are downloadable and are divided into four clips that don't take long to save to your hard drive. They're digitally filmed, or at least it looks that way, and don't lose any resolution at full screen.

Coeds Love Big Dicks also has a sizeable bonus section, consisting largely of the other sites in their network which members can access for free. They include such charming slices of the web as Human Toilet Bowls, Daddy I'm A Whore, and The Amputee, as well as a handful of bonus videos where the guys behind the cameras goof off and let their hair down. Suffice it to say that if you like your porn dirtier than a football team's laundry hamper, this is the place for you. You're bound to get your fill of depravity, so go ahead and sign up.

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