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College Fuck Parties

College Fuck Parties

Review date: 5-Sep-2011 18:50. Oh, these college times! No matter how wild your own college life was, you will most likely hate to miss these European dudes and chicks getting down and dirty like nobody else. College Fuck Parties features super long videos with every dirty detail you may wanna see. Booze to boning, they got it all covered! The reality feel is awesome, and it feels so because it’s real!

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College Fuck Parties

Intro promises:
Do you sometimes get this delicious nostalgic feeling about your days at college when you could drink anything and do anyone? Well, you may have this, or you may have not. One thing is for sure, College Fuck Parties will let you experience the careless atmosphere of college debauchery in a perfectly realistic way. In fact, we got a feeling this is the closest to drink it all fuck them all student parties that you can! But let’s not be too hasty about the entire thing. College Fuck Parties here is a fresh, hot and steaming site launched by the company which brought us a few other reality and amateur porn products with a European feel. Public sex, random pickups, sex tapes and what not, these guys specialize in European sex with a dash of exhibitionism in it – and maybe even more than just a dash! You will find out more about the other sites in due time, and let us concentrate on this college thing here. Frankly, it’s not hard at all. These European and Russian student girls like drinking, partying and no strings attached sex too much for us not to pay attention. Start your College Fuck Parties experience with the site’s rich free area offering countless previews, a great deal of interactivity and some really useful site details. Browse around, get the vibe of careless summers and endless sex-filled vacations – and you’re ready to get in!

Let the college debauchery begin! Seriously, this is a great way to experience student life sans studying and tests, haha. The only sweat you may get here is from watching hot sex for too long. And this is closer to you than you think right now. The videos at College Fuck Parties are long – and we mean like for real. Most, if not all of them are outside one hour. Can you imagine how much uninhibited college student sex you can fit within an hour? That’s right, a lot. All episodes feature groups of college-age guys and girls who are partying or having fun somewhere. It may be a club, a park, a house, in fact, it can be anywhere young people can party and have fun. With about the same guy and girl count in all of the groups, it’s not long before the booze-fueled minds turn to naughty stuff. Couple, threesome, gangbang and swinging sex is in full bloom in each and every episode. Oh, did we mention they do it in saunas, too? The site offers a lot to see and an enjoyable user experience with great navigation, helpful tips and a bit of interactivity and feedback features which turn an adult content site into a community of like-minded fans. Oh and you’ll become a fan for sure, how can you not to with 50+ college sex films over one hour long each, with more college sex fit in there than happens on an average campus during a year?!

College Fuck Parties is European student girls, super long videos and lots of very creative and varied sex action brought together. The site wraps its rich content collection into a very usable and useful member area with plenty of features that you’ll enjoy. Exclusive full length content, a catalog of young and sexy European and Russian student girls plus this lovely air of carelessness, adventure and steamy sex really turn College Fuck Parties into a can’t-miss thing. Give it a try, all of these videos are downloadable and come in HD!

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