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College Girls Gone Bad

College Girls Gone Bad

Review date: 3-Jul-2013 05:35. Didn’t have enough fun in college? College Girls Gone Bad will fix this right away. This basic-looking yet very content-packed site has so many sex tapes and all sorts of naughty footage made entirely on campus that you won’t believe it. Hazing, parties, orgies, just your everyday life but with a naughty twist, it’s all here. Grabbing a dozen of videos or two here couldn’t be easier.

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College Girls Gone Bad

Intro promises:
Slutty campus girls, who doesn’t love them? Student life is all about getting the most out of life. And can you really get the most out of life without boning as much fresh, crazy coed pussy as possible? Good for you if your college days were like this. But maybe they weren’t and you’re looking to catch up. Or you’re just looking to check out a bunch of hot young college sluts going crazy for some dick. Whatever your actual purpose is, we recommend having a look at College Girls Gone Bad right now. This is the place where all manner of sexy coed hotties do, as a matter of fact, go bad. The site is brand new, like most sites we review for you around here. So why don’t you spend a couple of minutes of your time seeing what crazy ass student sluts can come up with? College Girls Gone Bad has a tour area which pretty much is just a list of video screencaps. The site seems to have this tube-like feel about it. Definitely a trend these days, but nothing wrong here, you like hassle-free XXX video downloads, don’t you? There you go. The screencaps, as you may have noticed already, were mostly made from videos with lots of girls in there. Yes, hazing, yes, sex parties, yes, student gangbangs. All of this stuff. Let’s get in and join the fun, looks like the girls have already started!

College Girls Gone Bad is quite a site, we’ll give you that. Other places may try to lure you in with fancy design, discounts and bonuses of some sort, or other barely relevant stuff. College Girls Gone Bad is different. It gives you the goods straight up. You’re here for videos with as many slutty coed hotties as possible, and this is what you are about to get. College Girls Gone Bad is mostly about videos, yes. You can find other material inside, too, but we do recommend dedicating your fullest attention to the flicks. They are usually pretty long, almost hitting an hour mark pretty often. You can stream them or download to your computer. The interface here inside the member area of College Girls Gone Bad is nothing fancy, really. A bit simplistic, even. But hey, it only makes the raw, unpolished, very amateur feel of these student-made sex tapes even more enjoyable. College Girls Gone Bad has tons of videos with literally crowds of girls in there. Another thing, many videos are girl-only, no dudes. This makes College Girls Gone Bad really special. Though of course these coed chicks need dicking once in a while, so don’t worry, you’ll see it all. Hazing, partying, finding out about life, each other’s bodies, and ways to get off - College Girls Gone Bad is pretty much a documentary on these things. The site has hundreds of full length movies for you to download, and you’ll enjoy most of them, if not all.

College Girls Gone Bad is actually about college girls gone bad. With a focus on simple, easy content delivery, girl-only and group videos, and literally tons of crazy coed pussy from all over the country, this place will rock your world. Now you can see what the chicks in college have been up to when you had not been around. Now you’ll wish you had, lol. Not too many dudes in here, so kinda the girlie perspective on being young, hot, and willing to learn. About stuff like girl on girl sex, orgies, bizarre sex toys, walking around naked, those things, you know! See College Girls Gone Bad now.

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