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College Rules

College Rules

Review date: 12-Jul-2010 15:07. Amateur porn and college sex tapes have never been more fun than with College Rules. This new and growing site maintains a collection of college sex documentaries which are just beyond wild. Explore the full length uncensored films available here and submit your own college sex flick if you got one. A load of cash and worldwide fame could be waiting for you.

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College Rules

Intro promises:
If your college years are over, College Rules will make you wish time machines actually existed. If you are still in college, the site has a potential of disrupting your academic performance completely. Hell, we did not realize you could have this much fun in college! As opposed to your regular amateur sex sites where people post boring videos shot with their mobile phones depicting dull sex in something which may or may not seem like a dorm, this stuff is different. Read on to find out how different it really is.

The free zone is pretty resourceful here. You can browse through a bunch of preview thumbnails, watch trailers, and read through the stories. It gets pretty clear already, this shit is hot. Get inside and see that everything is just as promised. The site is new so we can’t say it’s really content packed. But it surely comes from a big reliable company, so you can totally expect it to grow on a regular basis. And then again it must be harder to fill a site with content when you are dealing with authentic user submissions. The videos here are quite an experience to watch. Don’t think it’s all about shy couples quietly doing it with the lights off. The videos involve many people all of which seem to be insane! Lots of pretty girls, crazy guys, and wild plots combine for a unique college depravity experience you will enjoy being a part of. Let’s just say that in one video crazy hotties go through a list of things they wanna do on camera which involve sex on a police car, flashing tits to a stranger and a range of other dirty activities which ultimately bring them to a full-on dorm orgy.

Perhaps what makes it such fun to watch is the balance between some crazy beer-fueled creativity and actual hardcore sex which all the parties involved thoroughly enjoy. Every story is so much different from all others, but one thing stays the same, and it’s the atmosphere of college sex craze. Daring, games, booze-drenched parties, freshmen orgies, every new video you watch through the site’s handy streaming player gives an entirely different experience. The quality is pretty good taken it’s all amateur filmed, and the shaky cameras and sometimes not so perfect lighting only add to the natural feel. The pictures are also available which are in fact screencaps. Full videos run at almost 45 minutes each, with shorter video chunks also available.

College Rules is a fresh and promising site with wild and engaging content. The only drawback here might be that you don’t find an abundance of videos right away. Still it’s a fair deal because these videos don’t get shot by professionals on site. As long as these fun-filled, sex-packed, booze-fueled movies will be coming from real students all over the country, you are going to enjoy it. See if you can beat these careless college kids who are in love with jelly wrestling, tit flashing and hardcore fucking so much they want the entire world to know!

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