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Couple Domination

Couple Domination

Review date: 9-May-2012 16:00. Think you saw everything when it comes to domination-themed porn? Well, think again. Couple Domination is ready to throw you back in your seat and send your jaw on the floor with its truly insane footage of domination-powered threeways. Watch male bottoms satisfying the urges of guy-girl couples, serving cock and pussy at the same time! It’s even nastier than it sounds, so check it out!

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Couple Domination

Intro promises:
Who do you think would give a submissive guy who can work his way around a cock and a pussy with equal skill a harder time, another guy or maybe a girl? The answer to that doesn’t even seem simple! So many facets and contexts here, so why not stop wondering and just go and see the damn thing? When you think about it, for some bottoms, getting disciplined and used as a sex toy by a man and a woman at the same time may very well be the ultimate point of their bottom lifestyle. This is bi-curious taken to a whole new level! Anyway, enough with the intro, the site up for review today is called Couple Domination and as you may have already guessed, it features guy-girl couples taking control over a male bottom and giving him the handling of his life. Think feminization, guy on guy oral sex, femdom strapon penetrations, and much more – when things go wild, and they do go wild here, nobody knows what can happen. The site is yet another great find for those who like their porn hot and kinky. Our prediction about great femdom sites coming your way are still holding true. Though of course it’s not technically a femdom only site because the guys here do a lot of guy stuff to the bottom. That’s right, hard, dirty guy on guy fucking is involved, too, and much more than that. Seriously, this one is a spicy number, so check it out!

After the classic-looking tour, Couple Domination takes you where the goodies are. The good thing about that tour is that it has video previews. After all, the concept is more than a bit unorthodox here and it’s great that you can experience the feel of the whole thing before you get inside. But we are sure this is worth it. The site will be a great find for those who wanted to include a male slave into their kinky play with their gfs or wives. And well, for many others, too. Couple Domination is brand new, like most sites we feature, and it has a set of episodes which probably didn’t get many updates yet. But’s a good starting point, with several dozens of picture and video sets to watch. The videos are available in quality up to 720p and the photos don’t lag behind as well. But the whole story is so special here you won’t be thinking much about pixels and resolutions at first. It’s really mind-blowing, how these couples warm each other up and then make their servant do some crazy stuff, eat the girl out or suck off a guy or get dressed in womens clothes and do both and then perhaps open up for some anal sex or strapon pounding – and much, much more. The air gets so thick as the two kinksters explore how far can they go with themselves and a male bottom ready for anything, and we do mean anything. Couple Domination is a real blast, check it out!

Couple Domination lets you explore the urges you probably have had hidden for a long time. The concept is as fresh and kinky as it gets, and it comes alive as crystal clear, all-exclusive pictures and videos you’ll probably want to watch over and over again. You can feel as real life couples get out of control having these male sex slaves around which are not allowed to say no to just about anything. Good locations, pretty damn insane sex scenarios and performers who are really into it all come together for a truly rewarding (and quite pervy) experience. See it now!

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