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Couples Seeking Teens

Couples Seeking Teens

Review date: 24-Feb-2013 16:08. MILF and teen double team. That’s what Couples Seeking Teens tells about itself in the tour. The site is dedicated to MILFs and their husbands inviting a young slut to their bedroom to spice things up. Or not maybe just bedroom, other rooms, too, and also patios, anywhere! These HD videos are actually quite like short films, with a story – and plenty of very raw and real fucking.

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Couples Seeking Teens

Intro promises:
You’ve been married to her for a while and you can’t really say it’s not working. It kinda is. Though you’re often thinking about doing something special with your sex life. You also know she’s thinking about stuff of her own as well. You just can’t seem to be able to make it all click together like it used to. Well, how about a tight horny young slut being the catalyst for your verbal and non-verbal communication? Couples Seeking Teens is a newly launched site which shows what happens when a middle-aged or so couple somehow ends up in a threeway with a much younger girl. You know this has been your fantasy. Imagine what would happen if your wife has been into this as much as you are. Or even more. Couples Seeking Teens is a high budget adult site which offers plenty of exclusive HD content and is also tied into this network with a whole bunch of other sites. Couples Seeking Teens has a nicely constructed and eye-pleasing tour which lets you preview a whole bunch of episodes, check out the girls featured, and also have a look at how much the network has to offer. From the outside, looks like a nice place with a bargain membership price and a lot to see. Let’s have a closer look at what these couples and teens are really up to!

Did you see all these trailers, man? Couples Seeking Teens has some great flicks inside, let us just tell you this. The trailers, you forget about them the second you get access to the actual videos. Pixels and resolutions aside, this stuff got soul, you know? What we mean is that Couples Seeking Teens is basically stuff you can relate to, and believe as well. The episodes have just enough story and acting in them to make you forget you’re watching porn – kinda. It feels, real, you know, when these couples meet a girl in this or that way, and there’s the shyness, the arousal, the passion-driven sex, even some drama afterwards! No Hollywood level probably, but solid stuff. Add the plethora of streaming and download options, plus a feature-loaded interface and tons, literally tons of bonus sites and videos (of the same quality level), and you have quite a winner. Couples Seeking Teens lets you explore all fantasies of adding a tight teen chick to your wife’s bedroom repertoire, it’s that good. And the threeways are hot and raw as hell, with plenty of sweaty pounding and poking. Curious MILFs, filthy spoiled teen brats, happy hubbies, that’s who Couples Seeking Teens brings together. The site offers a very rewarding experience, very close to perfect in just all the ways possible. Give it a try, because let’s face it, that could even be a way to let your better half know what the two of you could do!

Couples Seeking Teens is quite a site, really. They take quite a challenging story, they add some good acting to it, and they serve it with plenty of well-filmed threeway fucking. In HD, too. The site comes loaded with enough material to keep you busy for days. When these days will be over, there’s the whole network for you to explore. Still, Couples Seeking Teens is their newest site to date and it totally deserves your attention – and your buck, too! Could save you a lot of money, even, if you want to know what a threeway with a tight teen actually feels like.

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