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Cozy Toons

Cozy Toons

Review date: 28-Oct-2017 09:36. Comic book fans will be pleased to know--even though I'm sure they already knew this--that through technological advancements, one is now able to literally flip through the pages of a comic book online. Followers of adult comic books will not be surprised when they hear the news that adult comic books and strips have also burrowed themselves into a cozy little nook of the Internet.

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Cozy Toons

Intro promises:
As an ambitious offering featuring a well-represented sampling of different types of artwork, the site is one that fans of hentai, anime, and adult-themed artwork will definitely enjoy. A good number of pic galleries feature everything from cartoon sexpots and computer graphic videogame-style ladies to colored-pencil sketches, watercolors, magic markers, caricatures, detailed futuristic superheroes in the vein of Aeon Flux, Japanese-style anime, and even the types of satirical stuff often found in Playboy, Hustler, and Mad magazines. All of the original work on here is from the artists that run the site and other content studios, and spans everything from full-on hardcore sex and soft-core portraits, to surrealistically weird yet erotic pieces that defy written descriptions.

Flash-based cartoon series like 'Dick Pounders' are witty and entertaining. Pounders is a short and fat stand-up comedian who probably won't be getting his own special on the Cartoon Network, or have his face silk-screened on to a kid's backpack, but the guy's a funny little cartoon. 'Katie's Diaries' is another ongoing series featuring the sexual exploits of a blonde named Katie who's consistently on her back with her nice rack and taking it in her crack. All of the cartoons on here are pretty clever and definitely offer a welcome reprieve from staring at spreadsheets and other types of bad porn all day. Weekly comic series' like 'Foon Toons' and 'Taffy Model' bring the Sunday comics to your screen with a few dirty chuckles, while 'The Booblegger' is an actual online comic book that you flip through like you would a real one. The plot of the 11 issues (so far) revolves around the misadventures of a young adult-website entrepreneur, and plenty of cum-shots. 'Toon Vibe' is an animated e-zine that actually contains feature stories on fictional animated characters and their sexual exploits, more satirically funny photos, and other content you'd find in a real magazine. The second section of the site features similar material from another studio, but still maintains the same juxtaposition of clever sex humor and well-designed art. Both sections include some interactive stuff that reminded me of those 'choose your own adventure' books, but with animated blowjobs and bouncing breasts. These were kind of a letdown, but mildly funny. A bunch of erotic stories and video games are also featured, with a spot where you can purchase coffee cups and mouse pads featuring some of the characters from the site.

If you're into original animated adult entertainment that you can't find in stores, I don't see why you wouldn't enjoy spending time on this site. There is enough variety here to please most of the genre's fan base, and it's updated on a consistent basis. There are also several links to similar sites for you to check out, but unfortunately no access to bonus materials. The amount of stuff on here should keep you busy enough, and the membership fee is reasonable for all that's offered.

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