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Cuckold Me Now

Cuckold Me Now

Review date: 30-Oct-2017 05:26. Doesn't it just gall you when you come home to find your wife with another guy's balls on her chin'and'insisting that you stand in a corner like a dunce while'wearing rouge and a dress 10 sizes too small'as she'scribbles that you're a 'small-dicked sissy loser' over the girth of your beer keg belly in lipstick?

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Cuckold Me Now

Intro promises:
Well, the few willing masochistic men appearing on Cuckold Me Now don't seem too bothered to viddy their wives extracurricular'liaisons while looking like a bunch of tools, so I guess we're not supposed to pity these'pussy-whipped men, are we? Demonstrating the fetish of cuckolding'which in this specific variation of the practice, finds weak-willed, henpecked, submissive husbands of dominant women, enduring humiliation and watching their brides'bang multiple male partners'the site is a medium-sized affair featuring a few'good-quality photo/video sections.

Whether it's being led on a leather leash and commanded to lick Amanda's boots as she licks some anonymous balls, or having his own cock n' balls locked into a medieval-looking, man-in-the-iron-mask type device that likely jumped off the pages of some'nearby DeSade, one gentleman doesn't appear bothered by the scene and seems perfectly content to be literally used as a doormat. Another fellow is handcuffed to a'chair as his lady gets slammed in multiple positions while pointing and laughing at him in his schoolmarm-style dress, whipping his ass with a cat o' nine tails and using him as an ottoman as she touches up her makeup in a mirror. The aforementioned portly, bald'witch (who actually appears with several of ladies) has his'shriveled peesh made the butt of a joke as Trina takes a deep dicking from a buff and well-endowed black stud. Some of the husbands are allowed a little titty groping or beaver buffing, but they're basically limited to sitting out of the way. The video content brings a comedic element to the proceedings as we get to see always-popular Harmony in several segments, cock-mocking both'her bra and barrette-wearing husband and her frilly,'transparent belly shirt-clad cuck (who looks sad) as she hams it up for the camera'while'slurping and riding another bull's salami. She also delves out some spankings and a forced strap-on sucking to prove her power. All of the scenes are'cut into clips of different lengths which load quickly and stream well enough in Windows Media. A few face-sitting scenes starring Brooke Haven, Orchid, Fiona Cheeks and Belladonna, breathe a little variety and tie things up here.

With some believable acting (believe it or not),'each scene is'obviously staged for entertainment purposes, and nobody (as far as I could tell) is'actually married here. But,'the site'ultimately'provides a good example of what authentic cuckolding sessions likely look like. Funny and pathetic at times, Cuckold Me Now is an interesting site with a reasonable amount of material on this taboo topic, but could definitely do with'more quantity and few more'variations of the theme.

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