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Cum Deals

Cum Deals

Review date: 10-Dec-2013 04:27. What if you could see the filthiest photo and video galleries from 8+ different gay, CMNM and CFNM sites for one ultra low price, so low it looks ridiculous? Well, clap your hands, Cum Deals brings you exactly that. This all in one kind of deal brings you selected content from sites so full of crazy hot gay and special interest porn you will fill a bucket with your cum. Don’t miss out!

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Cum Deals

Intro promises:
So many sites with what looks like porn with hot naked men who could make you spunk over and over again. Even if you like your porn on the kinkier, crazier side, plenty of sites out there. You certainly don’t want to spend your hard-earned buck getting a membership with all of them. With all that having been said, we are really happy there are sites like Cum Deals. They don’t try to lure you in with promises of quantity. You know too well such promises often yield you nothing else but plenty of low class crappy videos you have zero fun watching. Instead, Cum Deals offers handpicked material from a group of sites each of which is quite interesting on its own. Add the manual selection factor, and you kinda have a winner, right? Cum Deals is a next generation network kind of thing featuring tens of video episodes and photo galleries from each of the 8 sites currently in their roster. Two times every week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they add more material, not just any videos and photos, but the best ones only. From which sites? Oh, you gotta check out the list. These are mostly gay interest porn hotspots with a twist. Straight boys pushed well over their limits, gay porn castings, brutal gay sex, CNMN and CFNM, plus some voyeurism and similar edgy subjects (guys getting groped included). When we saw the list (and you should do the same, the tour goes into plenty of detail on that), we were like, woah. See for yourself, this is exactly what you will say!

You better be ready for this. Cum Deals makes you want to have a bucket nearby as you’ll be browsing all this gay porn insanity. Well, strictly speaking, not all of it is 100% gay. CFNM TV, for example, has full length videos with clothed female, naked male adventures that will blow you away whether you are into gay or straight scene. provides a slightly different experience, featuring naked studs submitting to clothed male kinksters. Absolute Cruelty is another bestseller, offering femdom videos of the nastiest possible kind. The remaining sites are more or less within the gay porn market. Our definite favorite is Groping Hands, an exhaustingly sexy place with close-up videos of innocent naked boys fingered, stroked, and made to ejaculate by dirty hands of even dirtier men whom you don’t really see. Just the hands. Brutal Tops provides a hotter change from these fetish subjects. This particular site is all about big horny tops breaking into tight innocent bottoms with all the perversity and humiliation they can. Plenty of full on hardcore fetish-inspired gay sex there, we promise you that. Cum Deals takes selected videos from each of these sites. There are around ten movies and photo galleries from each site right now, with slightly more content coming from The Casting Room. Two times a week, new downloadable videos and hot photo galleries are added. You don’t have to go through all these sites yourself selecting the most jack off worthy material. Cum Deals does it all for you!

Cum Deals is a one of a kind network that brings together the rawest and the kinkiest content from an amazing selection of gay and special interest sites. With almost a hundred episodes total in there right now, Cum Deals grows every few days. For a very low price of a single membership, you get ultra pervy, ultra steamy content from as many as eight sites right now – and we are sure they will add more. Rare niches, original content, action that is nothing short of mind-blowing, covering your deepest fantasies and desires, what else could you want? See Cum Deals now!

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