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Cum for Chloe

Cum for Chloe

Review date: 29-Dec-2014 19:48. Do you know Chloe? She’s a blonde cutie from the UK, and turns out she’s completely obsessed with cum. She just can’t have sex and not get a load in her mouth. She loves getting fucked, but she loves getting a salty blast in the back of her throat even more. Don’t hold your load back, give Chloe some cum! Her site Cum for Chloe is filled with goodies and comes with bonuses. Let’s see!

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Cum for Chloe

Intro promises:
Don’t you hate it when girls spit out the load you just filled their mouth with? It’s even worse if she makes that disgusted face – and it’s even worse than that if she hates cum anywhere, not just in her mouth. After all, we mean, it’s the most natural thing ever, isn’t it? But don’t be sad. There’s a girl here who is always hungry for more cum, just the way you like it. She’s also a hot ass blonde from the UK – which really helps. This new site Cum for Chloe was launched as a fellow site to Cum Perfection. It’s Chloe’s adventure in the world of sticky sperm, a site documenting her sexual escapades in high definition. What kind of escapades? Well, if you haven’t figured this one out already, Chloe loves sucking on a fat throbbing dick and playing with the wad afterwards. Not even swallowing right away, but full on playing. Maybe putting it in a cup or something. Sometimes she has fun with girls, there is really no stopping her when she’s horny. But Cum for Chloe is mostly about getting that big sticky salty load on her face and in her mouth. In fact, in other places on her delicious British body as well. Check out the tour with Chloe’s brief description of herself and a few useful site details. The free area has a nice feel to it, looks like Cum for Chloe was made by people who really are having fun and are not just making money.

You better have some napkins ready nearby or something. It’s going to get messy! Chloe sure is a fun girl. We like how she manages to keep her content selection diverse and still stick (pun intended) to the main topic. Turns out there are so many little specific things you can concentrate on when you’re shooting cum-themed porn! Sperm dripping down her chin, full-on facials, hairjobs (!), handjobs, bukkake, lingerie, swallowing, these are only a few fantasies and subniches that Chloe explores. She may not be the most glamorous or famous pornstar out there. But you can tell Chloe is actually enjoying what she does. That smile on her face after a good facial, it’s priceless. The high definition videos Cum for Chloe offers combine that amateur atmosphere with great picture quality. We told you, Cum for Chloe feels like a cozy place on the web maintained by people who genuinely enjoy what they are doing. Not yet another piece of commercial crap that’s for sure. You get free access to Cum Perfection and a few other network products. The network adds six new scenes with pictures and videos every month. Oh, and did we mention you can end up doing a scene with Chloe? Just imagine, busting a nut all over this cute British face. Wait till you find out more inside Cum for Chloe! We recommend that you check the place out right now.

Cum for Chloe is a great new site that combines authenticity, great, highly satisfying porn, and great member features. Check out Chloe’s cum-themed videos where this British cum addict explores her obsession with white sticky liquid on her face, in her mouth, and pretty much everywhere else. Cum for Chloe will render all other facial sites meaningless and fake. See what this young British blonde with a bad case of cum obsession has to offer – we’ll give you a hint, it’s quite a lot!

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