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Cumisha Jones

Cumisha Jones

Review date: 11-Jan-2017 09:02. Cumisha Jones is another one of the one-woman show with dildos, the usual blow jobs and fucking anal/vaginal, as indicated by the welcome page. The intro is a few pages of teasers, no carnal action or trailers. Inside it is extremely well organized. Watch the proposed teen (18-21 year-old) with the body of a woman as she fucks an largely unseen boyfriend, and finger fucks herself simultaneously.

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Cumisha Jones

Intro promises:
Navigation is a cinch on Cumisha Jones. Pictures are in one gallery and the selection is vast; while the videos are considerably less in number for this relatively new site. No search capability or slide show: but it is well defined as to each episode. Downloads are rapid and available in a selection of speeds.

One woman does it all on Cumisha Jones. This is no neophyte to sex, nor is she an amateur. The one and only model (not counting the occasional dick of her boyfriend) does a slow and far from erotic strip tease in the episodes we watched. This is definitely exclusive and home grown content. Forget the sound unless you're into moaning. Even the strip is without music. It involves a lot of masturbation with finger fucking and dildos. Even when she is cock fucked from behind she masturbates. This is a site where the star is in love with herself. However, each video and picture set have an adequate description of what the viewer has selected to see. The only model on Cumisha Jones is the star. She has a fairly good body with some kinky tastes. The other model is her boyfriend and all we saw was his cock in her various orifaces. There are nineteen pages of pictures: containing four galleries of seventy-five to one-hundred-twenty-five (about) individual pix. They are all of the primary model, Cumisha Jones, in different poses and state of undress. They are well done and of professional quality. No slide show on Cumisha Jones. Technically the movies and set-up are fantastic, other than an inability to download to hard drive, and the smaller viewing area. You can select the speed appropriate for your internet connection. The download is rapid and quality is fairly good. Don't count on any dialog beyond moaning, because there is none. The cameraman appears to serve a dual role: occasionally contributing his sexual prowess, but we didn't see his face. Each movie can be downloaded in clips or in its entirely in streaming video. No doubt this is original content. Cumisha Jones provides one hundred bonus sites, live web cams, large archives (not of her), and a store where you can purchase sex toys.

The only thing that impresses me with Cumisha Jones is the technology on the site. However, if you are enamored with one woman shows, then this may be for you. She is quite adept at masturbation with and without assistance, getting fucked up the ass, in the vagina, and doing blow jobs. There's not a huge video library, yet; but the stills are plentiful and well done.

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