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Cummy Feet

Cummy Feet

Review date: 11-Jan-2017 09:07. Ah, feet. The most celebrated, and lampooned, of all the irregular fetishes. It gets so much attention that I barely consider it taboo these days, but it still thrills some people, and some of them are responsible for Cummy Feet, a website for anyone who squeals over feet, cum, and all the magical combinations thereof.

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Cummy Feet

Intro promises:
The tour promises downloadable, custom movies and photos of cum on feet, and all but puts its hand on the Good Book and swears that you won't find their content anywhere else on the web. The site itself is pretty basic; select the Cummy Feet icon from the VIPXXXArea Members page and you'll be taken to Cummy Feet's members area, where the models' thumbnails are lined in rows across the page. Each pic links to the corresponding model's gallery. Nothing terribly complicated here. The galleries are just as easy to surf, and boast an interesting color scheme, placing the photos against a black background, which is then set on a larger maroon background. One half expects to hear MIDI translations of smooth jazz while the webmaster passes around virtual snifters of cognac. It's really that soothing.

Which is more than can be said for the content, which is as exclusive as advertised. It's certainly new to me, but then again I've been disconnected from the foot fetish grapevine so I don't really know what's hip. The overall quality fluctuates between amateur and pro am, but most of it is amateur, with all the lighting washouts and weird camera angles to show for it. It's also a neat mixture of erotic and hardcore, which you don't see often; most websites often sacrifice one for the sake of the other. Not to mention, for an amateur site, the models are mostly good looking. They also have pretty feet, for what that's worth. They pose, masturbate a little bit, and give enthusiastic footjobs to their male friends, who just as enthusiastically ejaculate onto their feet. Very give and take, the relationships seem to be. And well documented by the photos, too. Each girl has three pages of photos, with about 25 pictures per page, which gives the site lots of pictures altogether. See, math can be fun. There isn't a way to download the photo sets--or at least not one that's easy to find--but I'll keep looking. It might turn up eventually. There are videos, though. They're clips of the photo shoot and split into 1-minute clips that you can stream or download. I suggest downloading them and splicing them together with Jfuse or something.

As far as extras go, Cummy Feet doesn't disappoint. With membership, you get free access to 14 other fetish sites, plus webcams. The other sites are amateur and similar to this one in layout, but they cover a surprisingly wide gamut of niches. Cummy Feet is quite the value for anyone who's into what they have to offer, and their exclusivity and bonus sites make signing up a no-brainer. So what are all you erotic podiatrists waiting for?

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