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Cute Angie

Cute Angie

Review date: 12-Jan-2017 07:21. Cute Angie is another amateur lesbian model in the Brain Pass network. This lovely Canadian teen (18-21) babe got her very own porn site in 2004 and deserves it. Her free tour is professionally done with a nice selection of videos to preview or download. You may recognize some of her lesbian girlfriends like Cherry Potter, Melissa Doll and many more of the Brain Pass girls.

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Cute Angie

Intro promises:
If you have ever been to any of the 40+ Brain Pass adult sites you will see the same theme here at Cute Angie. They have created a very clean and personal single model site just for there newest teen (18-21) slut, Angie. In the members area you have a simple toolbar to navigate around in, but you will quickly find that the only one worth visiting is the video and picture tabs. The Diary and Live Web Cam have mot been touched in close to a year. It looks like our Cute Angie has gone AWOL and there is no sign of her return.

There are 3 pages of movies with 5 movies per page. Each of her exclusive movies lasts about 30 minutes and are cut into smaller clips for quicker downloads. There are no full length films to download so you will have to copy them in pieces. Unfortunately there's not that many movies. It's looks like she got off to a good start, cranking out hardcore lesbian sex movies on a regular occurrence, but now it seems that's this sexy slut has met the cock of her dreams and won't share it with us. Too bad really cause this hot teen (18-21) babe is really smoking! This hot Canadian teen is one hell of a bad girl. She loves pussy and has made a lot of hardcore sex toy movies with her girlfriends from the Brain Pass network. I did not like the fact that this cute little slut has no hardcore movies or videos of her taking on any cock. Seems that this sexy Canadian is not ready to go all out on her site yet. With pics up to 1 megabyte in size the photos at CuteAngie at far above average for an amateur voyeur porn site. Now, this is not to say they are studio quality, sorry guys and gals there still taken by an amateur, but at least they used a camera. One thing I can't stand about the Brain Pass network are all the video captures, but they seem to have got Angie's site right with quality amateur photo shoots. Zip file downloads are available in all of the hardcore lesbian photo galleries or you can say them one by one, the choice is yours. High speed downloads are available at 700 KBPS WMV & 650 KBPS MPGs. Low speed downloads are available at 56 KBPS WMV or 128 KBPS WMV, or an MPG at 350 KBPS. Angie likes to eat pussy in the open air. She has some stunning scenes of her lesbian lovers carpet munching in the great outdoors of the Canadian countryside. It is a shame that this babe has long since disappeared from her porn site. She got off to a good start but abruptly fell short of becoming a full fledged porn star. It's a good thing that Cute Angie is a part of a larger network of porn sites cause I would be pissed! Since CuteAngie belongs to the Brain Pass network you will get complete access to over 40+ porn site run by the network. You can access all of these bonus sites on the CuteAngie home page.

Poor Angie must have had an untimely end to her budding porno career. At Cute Angie don't expect much. There is no interaction as promised, her diary updates are over a year old and the updated movies never appear. If this was a stand alone site I'd say run for cover, but since CuteAngie is apart of the Brain Pass network I would tell everyone to pull up a chair and check this shit out.

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