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Cute Sunny

Cute Sunny

Review date: 27-Nov-2011 09:32. Do you think hot teen redheads with loads of personality and a bit of naughty attitude could put a fat one in your pants? Don’t answer, we know they could. How about a super fresh one here called Sunny? She’s just turned 18, she’s an ever-horny redhead, and there’s nothing naughty she doesn’t like. Check out her solo site now!

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Cute Sunny

Intro promises:
Seriously, we love solo sites, especially if it’s a solo site of a perky-boobied Eastern European teen redhead. Nothing wrong with multi-model sites for sure, but hey, a solo site gives you an opportunity to discover what the girl is really about, what she likes and what are her strongest – and hottest – sides. This is a level of intimacy, even though virtual, multi-model sites are seldom able to give you. So say hello to Sunny here, a fiery and foxy chick from Eastern Europe whose solo site has just been launched. The site is so new is hasn’t been listed like anywhere as of yet. People are discovering it as we speak, so you can be among the first ones to enjoy this truly amazing girl. Turns out not only she’s toned, red-haired and flexible. She’s also bisexual, loves sex, and is always about doing something new. The free tour area will tell you a bit more here, though it’s more about showing than telling right now. Don’t miss out on the video trailer here – and the picture previews are no slouch either. The site looks modern, fun and cheeky – well, perhaps just the way Sunny herself is. Let’s see what the naughty girl has inside. No pun intended, though you will totally see quite a bit of her pink. Hey, we meant the videos in the member area anyway!

Now we see why Sunny chose that domain name for her site. Boy is she cute. Not only she is cute, her site is quite good-looking as well. Fancy and colorful just in the right measure as to not get into the way of your browsing, the design puts you into a really playful mood. And Sunny is in this mood all day! At least that’s what we can surmise from the content she currently has. The site is like a couple days old, so we only have what they launched with. But it’s all right! There are a couple dozens of exclusive updates to deal with, and we’re talking pictures and videos both. The movies come in a choice of formats and quality modes, the highest being the 720p WMV flicks. Streaming, mobile-friendly and QuickTime flicks are also available. What exactly is Sunny is all about? She’s flexible, having done gymnastics for a while. She does softcore and hardcore with equal grace. We loved the double dildo episodes and well, what can we say, watching that petite girl getting massive facials (and it happens a lot) just drove us crazy. Girls, guys, toys, Sunny loves them all, and you will see she actually enjoys what she’s doing. She also has quite a body on her, that vixen. If you are into 18 year old mischievous European teen girls, well, there you go. See if you can handle her, and stay tuned for more updates from this very promising porn newbie.

Cute Sunny is a brand new site with one hot teen redhead inside. If you like when young girls do naughty stuff and glow with joy and happiness as they do this naughty stuff, give this piece of work a try. Sunny may not have loads of content as of yet, but the girl seems to be getting off every time she has sex on camera, so we’re sure lots of updates are in the works right now. The quality is solid, consistent and in synch with what modern adult sites are all about. If you got a stir in your pants when you saw this fox, don’t waste time!

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