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Czech Bang Bus

Czech Bang Bus

Review date: 24-Dec-2016 11:28. Looks like the infamous Czech AV network did it again. What kind of porn are they redefining this time? Well, we are glad you asked. It’s the bang bus thing now. Czech Bang Bus does not have a sophisticated name. What it does have is hours of reality HD video with this rugby team driving around in a van and picking up fresh Czech roadside snatch!

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Czech Bang Bus

Intro promises:
Remember how we love the Czech Republic and all the outrageous, literally barely legal porn that they make over there? We just love how the hotness of local girls combines with the lax legislation and that personal freedom thing that makes people pretty much don’t give a shit about anything. Therefore, you can do almost literally whatever you fucking want as long as everybody is cool with it! Looks like people are pretty cool with a small van driving around full of rugby players. These big (really big) and horny, really horny dudes just drive around, see a hot girl or a few of them, stop, and lure them inside. Then you know what happens. But it’s all done in a very Czech way. What’s the way? Well, you are just about to find out. Let’s have a look at the free tour first. It’s a pretty regular-looking Czech AV site, this is pretty obvious. The layout is super simple, and the focus is, of course, on the content. Pretty much like all the other Czech AV sites. Check out that free video trailer, it’s pretty insane. Feel the Czech vibe yet? The freedom these people enjoy over there is remarkable, and the sexual liberation and openness is so contagious. Don’t you want to find out how exactly the cute local girls handle the thick sturdy cocks of all these Czech jocks? Of course you do.

So what is Czech Bang Bus exactly and how is it different from any other bang bus type of porn? For a bus, it’s pretty small actually. It’s more like a van, not a big one either. How do these huge dudes even fit in there — with the girls, too? Well, don’t worry about it. They obviously are not worried about it. They’re Czech, so they don’t really give much of a fuck. In some of the videos you will see the girl banged almost in the driver’s seat. The girls greet the bus like kids on the block greet the ice cream truck. They are going to get cream, as well, some of the group cumshot scenes in the end of a video are pretty damn epic. You will have so much fun watching all these HD videos. They are super easy to download and stream. Ease of use is the trademark thing about this Czech AV network. Another thing about it, all the content is pretty damn outrageous! We just like this vibe of fuck it, we don’t care. All their content is full of it, and combined with super hardcore sex and cute local Czech girls, it’s so much fun to watch. The bus picks up all kinds of passengers, and they all leave happy, often naked, and always glazed. Czech Bang Bus provides easy access to other Czech AV sites, and there are so many of these right now. Over 30, as a matter of fact. That’s god damned fucking tons of reality Czech porn for a very small fee!

Have a look at Czech Bang Bus, Czech AV’s take on what reality bang bus porn is when set in the Czech Republic. A local rugby team drives this little van around, picking up hot roadside babes and pretty much just cumming all over them at the same damn time. Yet another piece of classic Czech AV sexual madness, and probably one of the best online porn products to come outta Eastern Europe these days. You gotta have a look at all these sites the Czech AV network has!

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