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Czech Bitch

Czech Bitch

Review date: 11-Jun-2013 11:46. When will it stop, really? The Czech Republic maintains a reputation of a place with no rules and no inhibitions in sex. Yet another piece of evidence we have is called Czech Bitch. This is your chance to see how underground sex industry works there. Czech Bitch is about guys with their cars full of cameras, picking up street hookers… And doing them in all sorts of ways money can buy.

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Czech Bitch

Intro promises:
Once again the Czech Republic proves its status as a place of cold beer and hot slutty girls who would do anything for money. You remember all these outrageous and shocking Czech-themed sites we have reviewed here for you already? Take a look around, there is a whole bunch of them. They all have Czech in their name, so they’re pretty easy to find. Also, there’s this monster site called Czech AV bringing all of these together – a network site, if you will. Now the count grew by one as Czech AV launched Czech Bitch. No, it’s not a site about hot girls who bullshit you and don’t put out. We’re pretty sure there are no such girls over there in the Czech Republic at all. Czech Bitch is entirely dedicated to driving around casually, finding hookers (which is never hard), and paying them for all sorts of sick sexual shit. The realness degree is pushed sky high here with an intricate system of in-car cameras. These capture everything that happens, from the saucy initial talking and negotiating over the price all the way to dumping that big load of hot salty cum all over the whore’s face and chest. Looks like you just drive a couple miles in any direction in that country, and you find a hooker or a whole bunch of them right away. Czech Bitch has this trademark design all network sites feature. There’s a big crisp-looking video trailer that already shows you how good the video quality is, despite the reality element. Well, let’s see more!

It all looked filthy in the tour already. But when you see the actual episodes, this is total fucking carnage. Sexy carnage, of course. If you think it’s just about bored guys driving around picking up skanky hookers, think again. Czech Bitch has a special twist to every story – and everything looks so honest and real and inspired in some kinky way you won’t be able to stop watching. Like this piece about a police officer who likes to hook up with hookers and refuse to use any rubber! There is an abundance of Czech and Slovak whores to be picked up on just about any road in Central Europe. With Czech Bitch, you’ll feel as if you are on an endless hooker-boning adventure with a limitless supply of gas and cash. Dressed in their sluttiest outfits, the girls haggle over the price teasingly, having no idea what kind of sick sexual act their new customer had planned. Think ass eating, extreme blowjobs, cumshots, facials, rough pounding, tons of things. Czech Bitch has this selection of high definition only videos that you will love. There are images of course as well, but the videos kick ass and we’re sticking with them. The site is structured in a way similar to other Czech AV products. This whole place is about you getting HD downloads fast and easy – and enjoying them to the full. Let’s get on the road and see what kind of slutty cash-loving Czech roadside hooker pussy we can bone today!

Czech Bitch is just about as fun as actually driving down a road in the Czech Republic and hooking up with a random whore is. Maybe even more, because this time you’re in the comfort of your own room, with all these cameras the guys have in their cars to help you see the fun. Czech Bitch is another awesome product from the Czech AV network. The same edge, the same fun, but a different theme. Slutty local girls in hooker outfits, sick sex for laughable amounts of money, tons of adrenaline and excellent reality footage. Need we say more?

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