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Czech Dungeon

Czech Dungeon

Review date: 7-Oct-2013 07:32. You think you have seen it all, don’t you? Czech Dungeon here is something you didn’t even know was possible. The glorious Czech AV network returns, this time with what could be their sickest site to date. Find out what's going on inside this truly insane place and why Czech AV is the network to join if you are into crazy European smut. You will read all about that below, so welcome!

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Czech Dungeon

Intro promises:
Seriously, Czech Republic? Are you officially the craziest place in Europe? Well, the kind of Europe most people would go anyway. When it comes to visitor-friendly countries across the pond, the Czech Republic really looks special. We all know there’s beer and porn and easy sluts in there. Cabarets, casinos, lots of other things, mostly on the vice side. But just when you think you have seen it all, the Czech AV network of niche and special interest sites brings you yet another gem. That’s right, they have done it again and they have just released yet another site, adding it to their very interesting network. Their family now features 15 hi-class sites that combine porn with a special, sometimes weird twist, access to all of the goodies with just one membership, and that precious feel of Czech craziness that you don’t want to miss. Anyway, back to Czech Dungeon, it’s a site dedicated to sick chronicles of low level lust. Apparently there’s this super cheap brothel where working class types fuck wasted bitches for a little more than 10 bucks in local money. The place looks very basic, or the word shabby and run down may make more sense here, and everything is filmed from above through what feels like CCTV. It’s all about business here, so poor girls have to satisfy as many punters as their bosses want them to. And with these guys who come to the place, satisfying them is no picnic. Whoa!

These people at Czech AV have given us sex party sites, voyeur sites, and other sites as well. Their newest product called Czech Dungeon feels like a combination of the former two. In this dungeon of low key lust, it's often about a lot of mean, dirty men fucking a barely conscious girl all at once. With the entrance fee set at around $10, we all know these girls have to go through tons of sick shit every day to keep the whole thing running. They don’t want to upset the bosses, oh no they don’t. Czech Dungeon features full length videos filmed from above, it feels like some sort of CCTV. In a very poor-looking place, with nothing but dirty mattresses under them, these girls have no choice but to service big dangerous guys who are real pigs when it comes to sex. When it comes to anything, really. The idea is as fresh and nerve-tickling as possible. The atmosphere is dark and is tight with taboo arousal. This could be the most thrilling site Czech AV has released to date, and let us remind you they have plenty of crazy sites in their roster. It’s a new site, so you get to see a starting set with several dozen episodes. The network never stops growing, sites and episodes (videos plus photos) are added constantly. These videos run for 10-20 minutes and come in very good quality for footage filmed with a tiny hidden cam on the ceiling. Lots of filthy fucking takes place in each piece, so don’t miss any of them!

Czech Dungeon could be the most messed up site we have seen recently. Plunge into the dirty and dangerous Czech underworld where fucked up bitches will let you fuck their holes for the price of a fast food meal. Plenty of crazy ass sex gets filmed, and you will see all of it. Other Czech AV sites will blow your mind just as much. If you haven’t experienced their trademark style, it’s high time you did. Don’t say we didn’t warn you though. This is totally out of control, see for yourself!

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