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Czech Estrogenolit

Czech Estrogenolit

Review date: 30-Apr-2015 22:49. Just when you think you have seen it all, somebody in the Czech Republic launches a site that is pretty much the craziest thing you have even seen. Like Czech Estrogenolit right here. The name looks weird and is not easy to say it, but when you look closer, it’s all just reality porn insanity, with squirting, threesomes, and much more going on. We mean much, much more. Have a look.

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Czech Estrogenolit

Intro promises:
So this Czech AV network. We find it hard to believe, how hard and productive these guys are. They pretty much dish out a site every couple of months or so. The total count is nearing 30, and all of these are truly incredible sites. How can they keep the quality at this high level throughout this entire time? It’s insane. But the site we are reviewing for you today, this is something truly special, even by the high Czech AV standards. Their stuff is normally about this reality kind of action, with some crazy stuff taking place literally in the streets of this small but blessed land of Czech Republic. That’s cool, but Czech Estrogenolit is something way crazier than this. Turns out Czech scientists not just drink beer all day grabbing sexy female assistants by their tasty Czech butts. The story here is they came up with this pill that boosts female libido dramatically, helping women achieve squirting orgasms. Yes, literally squirting orgasms. You are about to see tons of fine ass Czech ladies taking the pill and just getting out of control. They need to test the pill, don’t they? There’s a hidden camera in that office with posters of the pill on the walls, and you are going to see so much insanely hot chemistry-powered action! Check the tour and let’s get right to it, guys.

If you think you saw some crazy ass porn in your time, think again. There is something so thrilling about watching this whole Czech Estrogenolit thing. The site is set up in the way quite similar to all the other Czech AV sites. Besides, you do get unlimited access to them with your Czech Estrogenolit membership. But we suggest that you concentrate on Czech Estrogenolit here. The episodes go on in a similar way as well. There is this room, like a clinic or something, and hot girls come to test this new female libido booster. We are not sure if they need it though, a lot of them look hotter than hell itself. Sometimes it’s two girls at the same time. So the guy hands them a glass of water, and then boom, they pretty much explode with desire. Well, they actually explode a few minutes later when their squirting pussies are gushing out streams that almost hit the camera attached to the ceiling. It’s an amazing experience watching this thing, probably because there’s a medical element involved. And the sex and the squirting ending, these things are just outrageous. Czech Estrogenolit is definitely one of the strongest sites of the Czech AV network right now – but that should not stop you from enjoying all the other amazing products they have in there. All in all, you need to have a look at Czech Estrogenolit and its fellow sites right now.

The Czech AV people have done it again. Now, so many Czech hotties have this new female libido booster tested on them. This thing just makes them squirt out buckets of pussy juice! Czech Estrogenolit is all about this candid camera in the doctor’s office where the doctor fucks their female patients just beyond all limits of horniness. Have a look at Czech Estrogenolit right now, it’s one of the most unusual and hot sites of 2015!

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