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Czech Garden Party

Czech Garden Party

Review date: 24-Dec-2014 19:06. It's Christmas, and in the Czech Republic is means you're supposed to spend time with your family and eat traditional dishes. Everybody does that – even the people who normally live a completely different lifestyle. Like all the crazy guys and girls here at Czech Garden Party. Brought to you by Czech AV, this new piece of madness shows what happens when it's hot out and there's booze.

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Czech Garden Party

Intro promises:
It’s winter now, and if it’s cold now where you are, you probably want to relive the summer moments. What could be a better way to do it than remember all the garden and backyard parties You know, the craziest ones, where all the girls were wasted, naked and horny, and the guys just boned their brains out every which way. What, you haven’t been to any of those? Well, that’s too bad. But don’t be sad, we have something for you here. Remember that insanely good network of sites with amateur slash reality content filmed in the Czech Republic called Czech AV? Well, this thing apparently never stops growing. There are 24 sites on the roster right now, and this new bombshell called Czech Garden Party is the newest one. Turns out a lot of Czech people enjoy going to the country, having parties in the garden, grilling stuff, drinking beers and all that. Also, turns out some young people take this thing further, get absolutely wasted, and turn crowded garden parties into giant orgies where anything can happen. Check out the tour here at Czech Garden Party and see how crazy this thing is. It’s hot out, booze is flowing, the girls are hot, easy, and horny – this seems to be a classic Czech thing. Fisting a girl while you’re fucking another girl and that fisted girl is also sucking off another dude who’s also fingering another chick? That seems to be nothing special here!

By now you have probably seen a few sites with all sorts of content focused on group sex. Some of those orgies could have been quite big. But Czech Garden Party here is definitely bigger and wilder and hotter than anything you could ever imagine. Looks like the recipe for a perfect sex party is sexy European sluts, lots of booze, and a summer garden where nobody can disturb you or call the cops god forbid. All the videos here are pretty similar. There’s some outdoor spot, a garden, a backyard, sometimes with a pool. The drinking begins, and before you know it, everybody’s fucking everything that moves. As a matter of fact, it doesn't even have to move. In one episode, check out that wild Czech slut humping a chair. It all turns into a mess of hot sweaty bodies pretty damn soon. Younger chicks and MILFs, all women are pretty much horny as hell. And the guys won’t stand for it. Czech Garden Party has dozens of exclusive, very original episodes in HD. Those are not available anywhere else, obviously. These guys shoot their stuff in-house. All 24 of their sites offer content that’s hard to imitate. You get access to all this greatness for the laughable price of a single membership. Seriously, a porn deal could not possibly be better. Join the insanely exciting backyard orgies here at Czech Garden Party.

Czech Garden Party is all about horny Czech youngsters and MILFs getting together for rivers of booze and hours of orgy sex that is hotter, crazier, and more mind-blowing than anything you have ever seen. Hot hard bodies entwined outdoors in any possible combination, oral, anal, fisting, double penetrations, you have it all. Fun never stops when the weather is good and the booze is plentiful. See what these sex-obsessed Czech amateurs are up to, check Czech Garden Party out now!

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