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Czech Gay Solarium

Czech Gay Solarium

Review date: 9-Oct-2013 14:46. All this awesome batshit crazy porn made in the Czech Republic, it doesn’t have to be straight, right? Introducing Czech Gay Solarium, a sexy and shocking documentary featuring hot Czech studs and all the naughty things they do in solariums. You don’t think they get naked and just lie there in those sunbeds, do you? This stuff is filmed with a bunch of hidden cameras and its real hot.

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Czech Gay Solarium

Intro promises:
What, you thought about it as well? You saw all the awesome things happening in special interest straight porn filmed in the Czech Republic and you were like, hey, does it really have to be straight? Good news, everybody. The Czech GAV network has just grown by one site. Yes, we know, so far there are only two sites in it, Czech Gay Solarium, the newest thing we’re reviewing for you today, and Czech Gay Casting. Aren’t you excited already? Just like there are plenty of hot-looking slutty girls in that magical country, there are plenty of hot-looking slutty boys. Czech Gay Castings shows you what these boys are capable of when bills need to be paid and there’s a porn dude waving a wad of cash right in front of them. Czech Gay Solarium, however, is something else. This place has a voyeur edge to it, exposing hot local studs playing with themselves in the privacy of a solarium. Well, there’s not too much privacy with these cameras all over the place, including one in the sunbed itself. Alone, naked, soaked in rays making their skin look even better, the guys reach downstairs and inevitably start touching themselves. The way they always do when nobody’s looking. This is a very private, intimate thing, and watching it gives you a powerful thrill. See for yourself, the tour at Czech Gay Solarium has a bunch of preview episodes, and the first one features a free video trailer.

Now that you are inside the member area, are you itching to see it all? Czech Gay Solarium is quite original, in fact, all sites by these producers are pretty damn unusual. You know you had the hots for fit, sexy dudes in solariums who are left to themselves and use the time to play with their thick tools – as usual. Now you can see them in all their glory! Czech Gay Solarium doesn’t have too many episodes at the moment. The site was just released, so what we are looking at right now is the starting package with a few dozen exclusive episodes in there. There are videos and there are images. Videos are sort of more fun to watch than pictures, for obvious reasons. In terms of how it is filmed, there are usually two cameras, one on the ceiling right above the sunbed, and one in the thing. It is placed where the guys’ feet are, giving you delicious angles on the man’s legs and crotch. Their big thick hardening things are right in your face! Czech Gay Solarium features a diverse selection of men, from older, bigger hunks to more refined boy-like dudes. Nothing too artificial though, all of them look like the kind of sexy men you could meet just like that in the streets. In the streets of the Czech Republic, of course. Everyone’s a damn sex freak down there! Now you don’t have to buy a ticket, go there and hide in a solarium frequented by sexy local men. Czech Gay Solarium is just as fun. We definitely want to see the Czech GAV network growing and getting better. Looks like it will.

Czech Gay Solarium has all your favorite things in it, sexy European men, that very special atmosphere of Czech sex craze, great solarium voyeur videos, and access to a growing network of top shelf Czech gay porn. Discover the Czech GAV network right now, it could be the best thing happening to European gay erotica these days. Take a secret peek inside sunbeds where hot naughty men are touching themselves while improving their tan. It’s a total thrill watching this whole thing, and Czech Gay Solarium got some rocking HD videos for you.

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