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Czech Harem

Czech Harem

Review date: 22-Mar-2014 05:09. Gangbangs, orgies and footage from swinger parties are not really doing it for you anymore? Czech Harem is on top of this game with its crazy concept and so much dirty action. Get ready to see one happy dude pleasured by like two dozen of hot slutty Czech girls. We’re not kidding here. They all pretty much jump on his cock – or fuck each other’s wet pussies. It’s absolute insanity!

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Czech Harem

Intro promises:
Looks like there is finally a bit of Muslim influence on European culture. We don’t mean it seriously of course. Thing is, we just discovered this rocking new site called Czech Harem, and as long as it has harem in its name, we thought we’d start off like this. Let’s face it, most men, or if we are to be more precise, all men dream about being that proverbial king of the castle whom each and every girl around is just dying to please. Please of course sexually, this is what we’re talking about. Czech Harem is yet another site in this seemingly endless series of reality style Czech-themed sites. Each of these sites is based on some crazy idea only these sex-obsessed people down in the Czech Republic could come up with. Czech Harem is no exception. In fact, in some ways it’s the pinnacle of this network’s evolution. Imagine two dozen girls just pretty much jumping on a guy and fucking him frantically, or each other when they cannot reach for his fuck tool. Which does happen when we’re talking one guy, twenty something horny sluts. Czech Harem is of course brought to us by the glorious Czech AV network. The site count of the network is nearing 20 right now, and that’s a damn lot of hot stuff, when you think about it. Let’s see more of this debauched insanity right now!

One could say that if you have seen one Czech AV site, you have seen all of them. It may sound right just because their member areas look really similar. Similarly basic, we would say. But of course the truth of the matter is Czech Harem just like other sites in the network is not about you browsing some fancy ass member area. These guys invest in their content only, which means finding tons of fresh Czech amateur pussy and throwing it all into yet another insane story. Czech Harem has a great starting package of HD videos that all feature different guys and girls. The whole thing is set in an apartment of some sort – of course, it has to be big enough to fit so many people. The stories that come with the episodes refer to this kind of thing as a reverse gangbang. Makes some sense, right? The guy just kicks back and let girls do their thing. There are literally 20+ girls in every scene, all young, tight, horny, sex-crazed Czech amateur girls. You can see how happy the guys are! They truly must feel like sultans of hardcore fucking. It all turns into one naked sweaty giant horny mess in like 2 minutes! Czech Harem has high definition videos that are quite unlike anything else you have seen so far. Join the orgy madness and watch regular guys get more pussy than any fucking sultan out there!

Harem fucking Czech style! Czech Harem is home to some of the wildest group sex videos that you’ll ever see in your life. This is no exaggeration here. Watch two dozen of horny Czech amateur sluts fight for their right to pleasure this one dude and catch a bit of his spunk in the end if they’re lucky. Reverse gangbang, they call it. Harem, reverse gangbang, call it whatever you want. Thing is, it’s so fucking hot! Check out Czech Harem and all other Czech AV sites – for no extra cost!

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