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Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter

Review date: 26-Jan-2012 06:20. Man, there is something very wrong with Czech Republic. Shit people do there, impossible anywhere else. Czech Hunter is your perfect boy hunting website with dozens of ultra juicy Czech twinks and studs paid to lose their pants – and open up their manhole for the filming guy’s dripping dick! This stuff is out of control, make sure you see it.

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Czech Hunter

Intro promises:
You know, the more sites with action based in Czech Republic we see, the more we want to move to this country. It may not be as sophisticated and commercialized as its neighbors to the West, but it’s incredibly liberal when it comes to personal freedom and all sorts of crazy shit people do while enjoying this personal freedom. We’ve reviewed a few straight sites featuring some truly insane Czech-based action, now time has come for something different. Czech Hunter is your gay reality porn dream getting real, very real. The concept sounds familiar, a guy walks around with a camera, a fistful of local currency, and a big hard cock. He comes to clubs, colleges and what not picking a hot-looking Czech youngster from the crowd and offering him money to show his cock. It’s all a wild ride from there, with anything possible along the way, from the guy getting the bird from a pissed off student to mean-looking men pushing and threatening him at the main train station. Absorb this wild spirit and check out what the site has to offer with its free tour. Don’t let its basic amateur looks fool you. Or better still, let them get you ready. Shit just got real, and Czech Hunter is a real blast in the face, something porn hasn’t been for a while. Let’s explore this wild place and see everything for ourselves.

Czech Hunter is just different, you know? The site, on the one hand, is not much different from what adult sites you know are all about. There is the tour, there’s the member area, here you got the content, and if you’re lucky, some bonus sites are there, too. But with Czech Hunter, it’s the little differences. The site seems to have things done its very own way. Something is subtly different about the layout and about the content presentation and about everything else. Surely, about the content too, because this stuff is off the hook. Every episode is a piece of madness. Everything looks so real, and the guys come up with the craziest scenarios. You can see a guy getting fucked in an empty train compartment and then ticket inspectors knock on the doors, or a guy is paid to suck cock in a dark passageway and then an old lady walks by, and much, much more. Looks like some Czech boys are totally desperate for cash and though they may seem offended and confused at first, they end up getting fucked in the ass (no rubbers, too) like the good manwhores they are. This thing is as raw as it gets. Episodes are added on a weekly basis so there’s a big chance these guys are on the prowl somewhere in Prague right now, getting yet another straight stud’s ass sore for a few nice-looking notes. From hard, real, even painful sex all the way to goofy street encounters, pissed off strangers, almost street fights, Czech Hunter couldn’t be any more fun.

Czech Hunter is a total explosion. If you are even slightly aroused by the idea of watching Eastern European guys lured into filthy and degrading gay street sex for some cash, this is your thing. The site will grip you and hold you just like it grips its silly but oh so sexy boys with the promise of money. These guys are absolutely shameless and they do bring a great deal of edginess, danger and spontaneity into porn. Something we’ve been missing for a damn long time!

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