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Czech Lesbians

Czech Lesbians

Review date: 16-Jun-2011 05:35. Wanna take a peek into the lust-filled lives of real life lesbians in Czech Republic and neighboring European countries? Czech Lesbians is a blasting new site which brings crowds, we mean crowds of Central European lezzies together and lets them do whatever they please while filming it all for your pleasure. Sweat, sex, and lots of genuine fun!

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Czech Lesbians

Intro promises:
You sort of always knew these European girls were special. People rave about trips to Czech Republic for example, or Hungary, the countries capitals of which are not just state capitals, but well-deserved porn capitals of entire Europe, and maybe the world as well. In other words, girls love sex there so much and the society pressure is so weak some hot fun is never too far away. Like here with Czech Lesbians, a great new site exploring the pussy-related passion of hot Central European females. Looks like these girls are always up not just for a beer and a wild night out – their pussy cravings are pretty damn strong, too. The site looks very solidly built with a nice-looking tour area offering a great deal of content samples and a video trailer. Only one video trailer alas, but still very worth watching. Apparently the site is focused on showing what pussy-loving Czech women can do when you bring a lot of them in the same room – and get them horny. In other words, we’re talking about huge girl-only parties here where Czech chicks have fun, have a few drinks or maybe more, and end up fucking randomly all over the place. They’re always up for some raw pussy eating, lesbian toy play or a full size orgy. The site seems to capture it and we’re turned on already, so we go in!

You wouldn’t find anything like it in any other country. The party vibe is strong in Czech Republic, and this is what you get when you bring fun-loving girls, big rooms and some booze all together! Czech Lesbians is a new site but it offers a pretty sizeable collection of content already. The episodes combine pictures and videos. We aimed for the latter we have to say. The films are long enough to capture everything going on – and holy shit there’s a lot going on here. The episodes are longer than 20 minutes on most cases and they feature the camera traveling around the rooms getting closer to couples and threesomes of individual girls who get it on in the huge general mess. That’s right, most of these scenes basically feature oceans of horny female flesh! Young girls as well as some hotties on the MILFish side are present. All of these seem to be specifically selected to convey the beauty of Czech women – and you will feel it. What is more, all of them are amateurs and you know how these Czech girls are. Just give them a chance to be in porn and they’d be happy to, even though they never did it before. Your membership here gets you full unlimited access to the entire content collection which never stops growing, as well as to a bunch of other Czech-themed sites which we will pay more attention to later on.

Bring it on, Czech lezzies! We’re ready to watch you play. Czech Lesbians has several great things about it. First, these girls are all Czech and they have this very special European appeal about them. Tall, busty, mostly blonde, they just drive men from all over the world insane. Second, they’re crazy about some pussy. You should see what pussy eating, fingering, toying and even peeing acts they commit when turned on enough and after they’ve had a few. Huge groups of different young women in every episode, all hot, horny, naked, ready for the biggest lesbian orgy in their lives – and in your life too.

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