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Czech Massage

Czech Massage

Review date: 7-Dec-2013 07:29. We are not sure there is anything in the Czech Republic that does not end with hot sex. Massages? Of course they end with hot sex. Czech Massage is yet another bestseller from the renowned Czech AV network. This time, they cover spontaneous spark-powered fucking that happens between a relaxed, rubbed down Czech hottie, and a hard, horny masseur. This is fresh stuff, plus bonuses!

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Czech Massage

Intro promises:
We might as well move to the Czech Republic. The amounts of fun we are having checking out all the videos inside this Czech AV network that never stops growing, we might as well see the whole thing with our own eyes. Looks like you don’t really need to do anything, hot action finds you just like that. Czech Massage is yet another site in this network, actually, it’s site number sixteen. These guys just never stop, do they. With a pretty obvious name like that, it’s pretty clear what Czech Massage is all about. The site follows the trend the Czech AV network had for a while, film all sorts of spontaneous hot action with hidden camera. This time, it’s a massage parlor where sexy young Czech ladies come to relax. They can’t have sex and party all the time, right? Well, the fun finds them even there. Rubbed down, squeezed and oiled by this skilled masseur, they can’t but open their lovely legs for his big hard dick. So all in all, Czech Massage blends hardcore fucking on a massage table with that voyeurism element that we know many of you enjoy so much. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? The tour looks quite similar to other Czech AV sites, we are sure you will recognize it. A lot of sample episodes are listed, and the very first one is actually a video trailer, so make sure you give it a look. Do you see how relaxed the girl is and how natural and unstaged everything looks?

We do love ourselves a bit of massage-themed porn. But don’t you sometimes feel it loses touch with reality a bit sometimes? Yes, we can imagine high end parlors where you come and exotic hotties rub and fuck you – but for most of us, this thing is quite a bit out of the ordinary. Czech Massage however is different. This hidden CCTV camera thing brings the heat level up a whole bunch of notches. The room and the angle stay the same, it’s the girl that is different each time. But if you have been checking out other Czech AV sites, and we hope you did (after all, this is what we review them here for), you’ll know what to expect. These are real next door Czech girls, but they have the looks and the sex drive of your favorite American pornstar! You’ll see them chill out and relax completely – and gradually let the masseur do dirtier and dirtier things. Before you know it, she’s all naked, her skin shiny from all the oil he used, and she’s melting in his hands, ready to do anything. The girls just think to themselves, what the hell, I’m here, I’m naked, so I’ll fuck him. Czech girls are easy, we told you! Czech Massage follow the quality standards of the entire network. You can stream or download the HD videos that play for 15-20 minutes each. Sometimes a bit longer, actually. There are pictures for those of you who prefer stills. But the videos do rock, don’t miss them!

Czech Massage is yet another bestseller by the ever-popular Czech AV network. This time, you will see real girls in a real massage parlor, massaged to the point of no return where they decide to fuck the masseur. Everything is unstaged and completely natural, filmed with these hidden CCTV cameras they got installed in the room. Czech Massage is full of exclusive material that is pretty exciting to watch, and of course you can access the goodies of the network for no extra charge. Sixteen sites and new ones are added regularly – check all this hot stuff out!

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