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Czech Parties

Czech Parties

Review date: 20-Jun-2011 18:02. Have you ever been partying in the Czech Republic? Once you see this site, our today’s special, the world will never be the same for you. Czech Parties reveals how they get down in Central Europe. The site is all about crowds of hot Czech models and sexy amateurs gathered for hours of debauchery, drinking and sex for cash. It’s a total mess!

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Czech Parties

Intro promises:
Czech Republic is one of the most popular partying destinations in Europe. Ask the locals about all these stag nights out in town, they’ll tell you a thing or two. What’s so special about the place? It’s European Union, but the people are still hungry for the joys of capitalism and all sorts of liberation, including sexual, of course. Socialism sucked, so the people are actively embracing what they’ve been missing, including imported alcohol, meeting foreigners, and having as much no strings sex as they can. Which combines just nicely, right? Czech Parties is all about groups of pretty, sexy, pleasure-starved Czech girls who are brought together in large groups and in large apartments for hours of dirty action, drinking and sex for cash. Imagine you are in a room full of hot, horny European girls who would do anything for just a bit of money – they love both cash and cock, so why not, right? There’s even another thing to it. All parties here have a theme, like blondes, students, secretaries or anything else. All of this looks like an awesome trip to a Central European theme sex park! See the free video trailer in the tour area to see just how much action and how many girls these videos contain. Plenty of both, we should say. Other freebies include picture samples and stories describing what happened in each episode. Wow!

Enough with the intro, let’s start partying, right? Czech Parties offers a nice-looking and easily accessible member area which lets you easily find the kind of party you are looking for. The site is relatively young and we would imagine these episodes are not that easy to shoot. Like you have to select a lot of girls picking the prettiest, bring them together, and well, hehe, accumulate a bit of cash to burn. So it’s not yet like hundreds of episodes to talk about here. However, the ones which are already there are very well made and very satisfying. The videos last for a good 20-30 minutes. Filmed in this cool gonzo reality style, they feature POV shooting, spontaneous action and lots of lovely details. The cameraman wanders around the rooms which are gradually being filled with hot girls of this or that type, depending on the party theme. Students, secretaries, blondes or brunettes, you got it covered. The girls are having all sorts of drinks and then the cameraman waves some local currency in their face, and the crazy sex begins. Threesomes or girl-on-girl action, all sorts of sex tricks and combinations, it’s all there. The atmosphere is really there, with very real amateur girls and beginner models, and that dirty feeling of seducing girls for money. You also get bonus access to a bunch of other Czech-themed sites, so make sure you check them out.

Czech Parties is sex partying done Czech style. The site offers long, detailed, very real videos of big crowds of hot Czech chicks gathered for drinking, partying and sex for cash. It’s great seeing real amateur girls and beginner models have no clue about what’s going to happen and end up tempted by the generous offerings of the sex-crazed cameraman. Everything is real, everything is spontaneous and unplanned, and everything is as hot and wild as it can only get. Check out the site’s terrific videos and don’t forget about the bonus sites!

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