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Czech Spy

Czech Spy

Review date: 19-Dec-2013 04:26. Seriously, somebody should look into this whole Czech porn thing. They just never quit these guys. Czech Spy is a fresh addition to the Czech AV network (yes, again). This time, it’s a Google Glass kind of deal. These guys breathe new life into the entire reality porn genre with this dude boning random Czech girls with these glasses on. They have no idea they are being filmed, crazy!

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Czech Spy

Intro promises:
Jesus H. Christ, some people just never quit, do they. One of the things that we love about today’s online porn is this Czech craziness thing. Yes, this network called Czech AV. Just as we never stop reviewing their new sites, they never stop launching new sites. Or is it the other way round? Doesn’t matter. What does matter however is that they always seem to be able to one-up themselves. Just when you thought, yeah, it has like 15 or so sites in there, I’ve watched hours of footage with real life Czech girls boned quite literally right in the street. What else can be there? Well, check this out. Czech Spy is their newest site, which brings the size of the roster to 17. Fucking hell! Quite a number, really. This time, it’s not just about depraved Czech sluts who seem to be ready to jump on any cock in sight. This time, it’s also about hi-tech stuff. Didn’t you use to hate this thing in reality porn when there’s always like a team of two guys one of which carries the camera? Or even when it’s POV, it’s mostly lame shit. The camera is too obvious and when you think about it, you’d never believe it’s real. But Google Glass is here, and Czech Spy takes full advantage. The dude just wears them and nobody suspects a fucking thing!

How much tail are you getting in your everyday life? Whether it’s a lot, too little, or none at all, this Czech dude gets way more than that. Because it’s the fucking Czech Republic, girls are hot and cheap, beer is cold and cheap, and combining the booze and the bitches you get quite a cocktail. So basically he just hangs out, whether alone or with buddies, goes places, parks, pubs, whatever – and gets laid with like dozens and dozens of local girls. The scenario is always different, but one thing stays the same. They behave in a very natural way, having no idea the fancy glasses he’s wearing are actually recording everything. Whether he cums them in the face or brings them breakfast in the morning (yes, he does this gentleman shit as well), we see it quite literally through is own eyes. Amazing, really, and so simple! The videos here run for around an hour each, and the quality is quite awesome. Still images are also offered, but hey, you will be mostly downloading the flicks. We have seen our share of reality porn, but this is something else. This is like uber-reality. Parties to parks and discos to diners, you get to see real life as it goes, and it always goes towards fucking one way or another. Well, should we mention you get to access the entire 17-site network? Don’t think, just join Czech Spy now!

These Czechs! These European fucks are completely out of control. Now they have Google Glass, and they are bringing a whole new twist to the whole concept of reality porn. Watch this glass-wearing dude just lead the normal Czech life, you know, with beers in the pub and what not – and always end up with his sausage in some tasty local pie. The kind of pie who has no idea it’s being filmed and therefore goes 200% crazy! See Czech Spy now!

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