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Czech Supermodels

Czech Supermodels

Review date: 7-Nov-2014 04:34. There is just no stopping these people. Looks like those guys over in the Czech Republic will make porn no matter what. Awesome porn, too. Czech Supermodels h is a new site in this killer Czech AV network, and if you think it’s about catwalk babes and innocent photo shoots, well, you are wrong. You are about to see Czech wannabe models get boned by a fake agent. And more! Let’s see.

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Czech Supermodels

Intro promises:
Is there anything we can do to stop this avalanche of porn made in the Czech Republic? Do these people ever engage in anything else other than steamy fucking on camera? It’s hard to say, really. And why stop it, really. With this Czech AV network and with all the countless sites and production studios working nonstop, we get to watch tons and tons of top notch smut. This Czech AV thing is probably our favorite porn network ever. There are as many as 23 sites in it right now, and each and every one of them is a fucking bomb. You know these like stupid ass networks with a couple okay sites and the rest is just filler stuff? Czech AV is so not like that. Every site has a different concept and a load of HD reality porn matching that concept. . Czech Supermodels here follows the familiar path of this entire fake agent thing. Turns out there are so many girls in the country willing to make it big in the modeling business, showbiz, all of that. They come to this casting and obviously after the guy goes through the routine of looking at their portfolio and stuff he has to whip his thing out and just bone that silly wannabe supermodel pussy. Career push through plenty of hard cock thrusts, so to speak. Czech Supermodels has a tour that looks pretty much the same as all other Czech AV sites. The video trailer? Don’t miss out on that stuff.

Damn, with these videos, you feel almost as if you are running a fake casting agency yourself. It’s probably illegal. At least it should be. But then again from what these Czech AV people do, looks like nothing is illegal in the Czech Republic. These reality style videos show everything that happens, from the moment the girl pulls her portfolio pictures out of her bag to the moment when the guy cums on her tits or ass or face or whatever. A lot of action in the videos is filmed POV style, so you really feel as if you are running a pretend casting agency somewhere in lovely Prague. Czech Supermodels is clearly a very Czech AV site, with full length downloadable HD videos, screencaps, a highly user friendly and efficient interface, and all the bells and whistles of a well-made site. The write-ups to each episode are super fun to read so don’t miss out on these. Czech Supermodels is really new, and surprisingly there are tens and tens of exclusive episodes available already. Give the site some time to grow, and you’ll have a complete killer. Well, with all other 22+ sites in the Czech AV network, you won’t even notice how time flies. This shit is addictive we are telling you. We are booking a ticket to Prague right now hoping to get a bit of that naïve gullible Czech pussy just like this guy in all these Czech Supermodels movies.

Check out Czech Supermodels for exclusive and very original footage of this smart ass dude who tricks wannabe Czech hotties into offering their pussies in exchange for a career push. Everybody wants to be queen of the catwalk, so he just uses that to fuck them silly and dump his load all over their tight sexy bodies. The movies are very original, with dialogs in Czech and POV style shooting, so you feel as if you are doing this stuff yourself. See Czech Supermodels now!

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