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Czech Taxi

Czech Taxi

Review date: 13-Jan-2014 04:30. The Czech Republic may actually be even more of a fun place than you think. Czech Taxi is a site with a name that pretty much tells you everything you need to know. It’s in Prague or around, the guy picks up hot local sluts in need of a lift, and they ride for free as long as he rides them. It’s all completely real with real locations, real people around, and hot fucking in the car.

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Czech Taxi

Intro promises:
We sometimes hear about European cab drivers overcharging tourists or even messing with the meter a bit so that it shows totally unrealistic figures. But the opposite happens a lot. Hot Czech girls can occasionally ride for free. If they meet this dude from the Czech Taxi website, that is, and are willing to have their tight Czech pussy pounded silly somewhere in the wilds of Prague’s suburbs. It’s only then that they get a free ride. Well, the driver is getting one as well, so it’s all cool. Even cooler for us, because there are a few cameras in the car and they capture everything you may want to see. It’s hardcore reality backseat boning at its finest. And yes, it’s part of this Czech AV network that many Eastern European reality and special interest porn fans know perfectly well already. With the total number of sites in the roster nearing 20, Czech AV has never been better. Czech Taxi is the most recent addition, as you may have guessed already. There’s a tour with a free video trailer and a bunch of preview episodes with pictures here. A pretty standard tour for a Czech AV site, really. Black background, bold colors, simplicity – and some of the best 100% real reality porn to be ever filmed in Europe. Or maybe the entire world. Be sure to check it out, it’s super fun – we’re getting in for sure.

Heck, we may have just found our dream job. On a porn site no less. The videos at Czech Taxi have everything you expect from a Czech AV website. That is, pretty darn good quality for a reality site that shoots its content with a few cameras installed in a car. And remember, they are supposed to be candid so the girl does not see them. The story is pretty much the same every time. The guy just cruises the hood looking for hot young girls who could be up for the thing. Remember, it’s a legitimate cab with the company logo, phone, all that stuff. So she gets in, he moves the convo to sex in some way. Or maybe even she does that all by herself. Czech girls are so crazy you know. Anyway, he drives her to a relatively quiet space, and fucks the living life out of her. Not leaving the car. You have no idea what Czech sluts can do in the backseat. Czech Taxi offers standard viewing and downloading options, common for all Czech AV sites. The videos look real crisp, and so do the images. These guys don’t mess around with their shit. Each and every episode is an honest full length thing, in no-fail HD resolution, a cool story, and plenty of spontaneous, unscripted, adrenaline-fueled boning. You gotta see it all, Czech AV rocks.

There are almost 20 different sites in the family. And guess what, they all kick damn ass. Czech Taxi in particular. This place offers more and more 100% hardcore reality videos each and every week. See what happens when you’re a perpetually horny Czech taxi driver and the bitches who never mind a quickie in the bushes just never stop coming. It’s fun, it’s full of adrenaline with real people and real places around and all that, and it’s super fucking hot. Also, it’s terrific value for money. Try Czech AV now!

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