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Czech Wife Swap

Czech Wife Swap

Review date: 3-Apr-2019 10:28. Did Czech AV just do it again? It certainly seems to. Czech Wife Swap is a site about 2 local couples in the Czech Republic. They exchange partners for a while, and we follow the adventures of both couples, and see them reunite in the end. Wife swapping sex, real action, and real drama in the end, because of course they are mad!

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Czech Wife Swap

Intro promises:
It’s been a while since we had yet another hot load of reality porn from the Czech Republic. But looks like the time is now. And of course this delicious bit of fresh Eastern European smut is coming from the Czech AV network. For over 30 sites already, these people have been churning out amazing hardcore porn. It has a local feel, it’s all very real, it is pushing the envelope with its unusual ideas and angles, and damn, it made us beat our meat for hours if not days already. All in all, we love this stuff. So, the network is back, now with a bit of smoking hot goodness called Czech Wife Swap. It’s kinda strange that they did not cover something like this before, right? We mean, it sounds like all these Czech people are totally into these things. Swinging, wife swapping, after work sex clubs, casual stuff like that. Casual stuff, but it feels quite a bit crazy for anyone outside Europe! This time, they are covering these interesting and thrilling stories of 2 couples doing the swap thing for a while. You see the initial meeting, then you see couples having all kinds of adrenaline-fueled fun with each other. And then you see them swapping to their original state, and damn it can get emotional. But start with the free tour, let’s not rush things!

What would you do if you if you could swap wives with your buddy? The one with the hottest wife, of course. Imagine the tension when you and his wife are finally alone. In a hotel room. She comes out of the bathroom, all fresh, wet, smelling nice, towel ready to fall on the floor. You know she fancies you too. Of course you’ll end up having raw steamy sex. In all positions imaginable, too. Who cares what happens when you need to undo the swap? There may be tension and drama, but who cares, you finally fucked your friend’s hot wife! This is pretty much the kind of story that Czech Wife Swap follows with its videos. The videos, of course, are full length, they are high definition, and they have this trademark reality feel that pretty much makes you watch this stuff nonstop. The videos balance between nice production and raw amateur, even voyeur style porn in a very nice way. Everything looks real, unpolished, and the emotions are real, too. You can download all these HD flicks without any limits. There are photos, too, but this camera flying around and shaking reality style is just too precious a thing to lose. The cumshots, the orgasms, the positions, even the hotel rooms, everything looks so real you’ll be asking yourself whether it is happening in your own life. Czech Wife Swap is definitely a nice addition to the Czech AV family.

Czech Wife Swap is yet another gem in the crown of Czech AV, the largest and the coolest network of Czech themed porn sites. This time, it’s real life couples doing the swap, finally getting it on with the guy or the girl they have always known but never have been able to fuck. Check out these incredible HD videos with real sex, adrenaline-fueled scenes, and real emotions! See Czech Wife Swap now!

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