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Dancing Bear

Dancing Bear

Review date: 29-Apr-2010 14:41. Have you ever been at a bachelorette party or a hen night? You should totally try this shit out some time, the women lose all their inhibitions and with all the strippers invited chances are you have an orgy coming. If there are no such parties expected in your hood, try Dancing Bear! The site features groups of crazy real women and a team of hung strippers doing them.

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Dancing Bear

Intro promises:
You can freely say this is a one-of-kind site. Sure, there are CFNM sites and partying girls sites around, but this one kicks the asses of each and every similar site out there. One thing, there are literally crowds of girls, not just 5-6, but a staggering amount of 20 all the way to 100. Another thing, the name of the site may seem curious, but it’s in fact the name for the group of strippers who always have a guy performing in a funny bear costume. Normally, by the end of the show the costume goes off so that the chicks can suck on the guy’s cock, but often the bear head stays giving the guy a really weird look.

The free area is filled with trailers and samples of content you will hate to miss. This is a very thoroughly produced site with lots of samples, lots of information regarding the site, its member area and the content, and a very professional feel to it all. The trailers alone could make you bust your nut. They give you such a cool preview of the stuff you simply want to rush inside and get hold of all the cool things there. The trailers have very high quality and comprise the hottest moments from the shows which in fact the guys are actually doing. This is all real, and damn this is hot.

So, once inside, you will find yourself in the content archive which now features already dozens of episodes. These have pictures as well as videos, and holy crap, a typical video lasts for around 80 minutes! It’s actually not a bad thing the site has pictures as well, because thus you can explore the entire episode and jump to a certain moment later with the videos. The shows are totally explicit, with lots of oral sex, pussy fingering, food play, and even actual hardcore sex involved. This is every girl’s dream bachelorette party, and you will probably not be admitted otherwise, if not for this truly outstanding site. Everything is well above par here, the quality, the quantity, the concept, and the fun resulting from the three.

A truly terrific and noteworthy site if you are into reality stuff, CFNM sex and bachelorette party footage. The shit gets way too hardcore here, and with the duration and quality of the episodes you get to see the entire thing in plenty of details. This is an original and very exciting site which exposes those wild parties where the girls really let themselves go. It looks very natural and therefore makes you pop an instant boner. With the site’s careful approach to content, you are going to have a lot of fun.

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