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Dane Jones

Dane Jones

Review date: 9-Nov-2012 04:23. Whoever said porn is dirty and disgusting definitely hasn’t seen Dane Jones. Call it what you want, couple friendly porn, next generation erotica, or just about anything else. One thing is certain, this site is yet another evidence of how modern porn becomes meaningful, sensual, engaging both for him and for her. In other words, get ready for beautifully filmed sensual lovemaking!

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Dane Jones

Intro promises:
Sometimes you feel like watching uncensored hardcore action and don’t want to settle for all this mechanical, soulless pounding most sites and producers offer these days. This stuff is just not satisfying anymore, right? A great modern trend that we see in adult entertainment today is adding meaning, emotion, and acting talent. Combine all this with the explicit sex action you never get tired of watching, add beautiful performers you feel you can really connect with, throw in some expert level production… And what do you get eventually? Well, from the looks of it, what you get is Dane Jones. The site specializes in something people call feminist porn – how about that? Maybe feminist is too strong a word here. What we do know for sure though is that it’s definitely couple friendly porn. What is that, exactly, you ask? Well, just check out the tour. Dane Jones has a nice-looking free tour with a classy attitude and a nice load of samples of content, model profiles, and other interesting stuff. Set against black background, all these goodies are nothing short of mouth-watering. The site strives to set new standards in adult entertainment offering short films and high resolution photo shoots which have not just nudity and sex in them, but also meaning, emotion, and aesthetic appeal. Soul, too, you might add. Let’s see how good they are at this stuff, shall we?

Dane Jones is really impressive, we’re sure we just need to start with this quite bold statement. Unique, special, one of a kind, emotional, dramatic, these words also spring to mind. So much more than your average porn site, Dane Jones offers not just randomly filmed sets with no chemistry and bored, distracted performers. The site delivers quite the opposite, visually outstanding stories of lust featuring either solo girls, girl couples, or guy and girl action, with a background story and plenty of creativity behind it. These are, in fact, like short films, but you won’t see this much beautifully filmed hardcore sex action in most cinemas, that’s for sure. Adding new episodes three times a week, Dane Jones seems to uphold the high standards the site is setting for itself and for the entire adult entertainment industry. Set in unique locations and offering plenty of background information to get you even more engaged, these stories can totally be enjoyed by couples – and just people with good taste as well. We do admire the site’s selection of models, these young ladies are so fine, pure and natural you simply want to see them perform right away. With the site’s original HD videos and exclusive high resolution photo episodes available for unlimited downloading and watching, this is really a matter of just a couple of clicks. Support creative erotica, give Dane Jones a try here!

What porn forgets to capture very often is this natural chemistry between people, that invisible something that makes them engage in hot, honest sex and just not care about anything else. Dane Jones seems to be able to capture this thing, offering exclusive lesbian, solo and hardcore themed shoots with background stories and emotional, naturally hot action. The site is all about couple-friendly, even feminist porn. You’ll see these are not just words and that Dane Jones is taste, eroticism, and visual excellence combined. A very satisfying place to be, that’s for certain.

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