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Danske Natasha

Danske Natasha

Review date: 18-Jun-2013 20:16. In what country a girl would go like, hey, I’m the biggest slut in this country, and not just get away with it, but be like super popular and have a website of her own? Before you start thinking too hard, let us tell you, it’s Denmark. Danske Natasha is a site that is dedicated to this Danish slut called Natasha (well, duh), and she’s completely out of control. See for yourself now!

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Danske Natasha

Intro promises:
So, are you planning a trip to Europe any time soon? If you are not, well, we have a bit of something truly hot for you here which might tip the scales to the favor of you actually going. And it’s not even Hungary or the Czech Republic. Nothing wrong with these two, a lot of hot stuff goes on there. But check this out, it’s not going to be the most obvious choice. Denmark! Not only their girls are damn Scandinavian amazons, tall, hot, and never hesitating to get what they really want. Also, there’s like a porn culture in there going decades and decades back. They’re so open-minded and liberal, these people, it’s crazy. So back to Danske Natasha here, it’s sort of a personal or should we say official site of this Natasha from Denmark. Natasha is a real looker, and somehow when you look at her and especially at her slutty face, you kinda know she’s Danish – or at least Scandinavian. What she adds to her really great looks is this completely out of control personality. Natasha does so much nasty stuff in her videos most US-born pornstars would blush. Hey, I need to get fucked three times a day at least, I crave cock at all times, I’m Denmark’s hugest slut. This is the kind of stuff Natasha tells you in the tour. What, you’re going to miss out on this? Dude, it’s a once in a lifetime thing, let’s go check out this insane Dane!

We are pretty sure that you not only think of a trip to Denmark right now, you’re also trying to come up with ways to meet this Natasha. Because she looks like a completely dick-obsessed whore! Not only that, but she seems to enjoy this a lot, too. Oh, Denmark. Anyway, Danske Natasha is part of this network of Danish sites. We have already covered some of them. All of them are pretty good, actually. They are built with authentic Danish content that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Also, all of this stuff is pretty crazy. Like we said, Denmark is a pretty liberal country, so their porn is just sick. Danske Natasha is a pretty standard site for the network. There are several dozen sets here, and the videos seem to have DVD quality. Not like the best thing you can get in our HD era, that’s for sure. But hey, it’s original, it’s authentic, and nobody gets pummeled with incredibly fat cock with the same class and beauty as Natasha. All episodes are hardcore action, of course. Oh wait, there are a few solo ones, like with Natasha rubbing her soaked cunt in a car in a parking lot and some other stuff. But she puts so much heat in there you feel you’re watching some serious orgy fucking. Natasha eats cock, gets boned, swallows cum and does everything else in truly copious amounts. She just can’t keep stuff away from her Danish snatch! She’s a character for sure, a special and sexy girl you’ll be obsessed with.

Danske Natasha is the place to see this Danish superslut Natasha do everything she enjoys doing so much. She gets fucked by man and woman all day! From outdoor pussy play episodes set in some sort of cold Danish beaches all the way to muck-splattered threesomes, Natasha looks beautiful and sort of charming in all the episodes. Get into the member area of Danske Natasha right now and start filling your hard drive (which will get even harder, lol) with all this insane Danish porn. Across the network Danske Natasha belongs to, there are like shitloads of it! A very hot and authentic experience.

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