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Review date: 9-Mar-2016 08:20. Don’t you sometimes wish you didn’t miss this transition a girl makes from a next door cutie to high class erotic model? At Daphoz, these guys take hotties from the hood and give them this erotic makeover which just leaves your jaw on the floor. It’s two types of cute combined, the next door cute and the classy cute! The site is loaded with HD material, so don’t miss it.

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Intro promises:
Some great ideas are so simple you wish you cam up with them yourself. Daphoz here, a brand new site we came across a couple days ago, is based on a simple yet very cool concept you will really enjoy exploring. From now on, if you’re not sure what kind of stuff you would like to see, that next door Facebook cutie getting nude and flirty or perhaps a glamorous model showing what high class erotica is all about, you can have both. Daphoz takes next door girls, shows them as they used to be in their I-live-next-door-see-you-at-the-mall stage, and then gives them something the guys refer to as a complete erotic makeover. The girls are all glammed up and ready for some serious teasing action which could put world’s leading erotic photographers and videomakers to shame. We liked the site’s tour immediately. Oozing class and very well designed, it puts great focus on the previews of models and on sample videos and pictures, too. On the outside, there’s also a blog updating you about all sorts of events the site has – well, mostly, fresh girls, that is! The tour is a great way of finding out what kind of stuff the site has, and how much of it it has, too. Some sites just don’t live up to their tours, and we’ll see about that right now, stay tuned!

Come on, did you really think Daphoz could possibly turn out a lousy site with sub par content? These guys really put some effort into what they publish. You can browse the catalog by models or by pictures and videos. Most models have pictures and videos all together while some got pics only. Every model page has the girl’s story on it and from what we can see these are mostly European hottties here. All the photos and videos at Daphoz have this natural charm about them. We mean, even if it’s the pre-makeover part we’re talking about, the shoots really bring out the girls’ characters in perfectly warm and sensual way. It never gets too amateurish or rough here. The videos will stream easily from the site and you can also save them as DivX files to your system. We found both options worth checking out, really. At the moment Daphoz kinda has an accent on pictures, we gotta say. Perhaps they will add more videos later; for now, the least every girl got is galleries of 50-200 or so high resolution photographs. There may be a few HD videos added to that, too. The transition from shy next door cuties to hot, bold, ambitious erotic models is stunning. These guys are really good at bringing out the inner seductress in pretty yet regular girls. This is softcore stuff of a very high grade and with a twist, too!

Daphoz is a brand new site which has a very different angle on both amateur erotica and glamorous shoots. Taking European girls from the hood, glamming them up and shooting them as they seduce the camera, these guys really create a seamless and a very sensual experience you will most likely enjoy a lot. Lots of content to see right now, and regular updates will be yours as well!

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