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Dare Ring

Dare Ring

Review date: 30-Oct-2017 13:05. Welcome to Dare Ring where the game of Truth Or Dare will be taken to a whole new level of experience! Inspired by this already quite naughty form of entertainment, Dare Ring presents a very different and extreme pastime as its participants end up doing much more hardcore stuff than just taking off some clothes!

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Dare Ring

Intro promises:
Sticking to a severe set of rules, Dare Ring makes each and every further round increasingly naughtier and more daring until the featuring babes and studs get really down and dirty. This isn’t usual form of spending your spare time, that’s for sure! The only concern at this time for some people may be the lack of content, but the owner of this site makes the expansion of the community element the main concern of Dare Ring at this moment. So the content will come in time! My first impression of Dare Ring was - A pay site sex game? What the heck? The tour site presents the rules of Dare Ring, which basically is a sexy version of Truth or Dare as I wrote above. It utilizes previously prepared cards with dares of your choosing written on them, you'll also need dice and sexy mood. The game starts out regularly but as the rounds develop, the game gets naughtier. Hmm… sounds damn tempting to me!

The site is very straightforward and very intuitive. For your $19.95, you'll get 12 games of Dare Ring. With seven rounds in each episode, there are 84 videos and all downloadable in WMV (1300k, 640x480) format. All the episodes usually last around the 90 minutes at least and weigh around 100 megabytes so for less than twenty dollars you can download three gigs of very entertaining content each day as there is such limit set. The good feature of Dare Ring is that many of the featuring models look quite like ordinary next-door type of people, so there's some voyeuristic feel about this site! If you like watching as some babe gives a great blowjob to her best friend's brother or boyfriend – this is a site for you! But if you are looking for some hardcore though natural type site, forget it – people here too anxious to make an enjoyable demonstration of Dare Ring that they have nothing left there to be natural. So in my personal opinion, the best feature of Dare Ring is not the main content itself, but rather the very remarkable community that has grown around creatively built and well organized message board.

Dare Ring is a very inventive site though slight modest in terms of content. Good news is that it is growing into one of the best amateur adult communities on the web! What it may lack in content itself, it makes up for with an interesting and admirable formula of featured episodes! Good fun for everyone!

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