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Deep Oral Girls

Deep Oral Girls

Review date: 12-Jan-2017 07:56. This site is all about the oral treatment. You'll find flashes of other types of sex here and there, but there's no doubt what the theme is, nor the main purpose: to watch hot chicks work a powerful tool. The content is split between original and not, and the presentation is a little different than you're probably used to, but this site is chock full of good scenes. Assuming you like a good blowjob (and who doesn't?), you'll enjoy yourself here.

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Deep Oral Girls

Intro promises:
So the site is divided in an odd way - half is almost as if it were made up of a bunch of smaller sites. Some of these smaller sites have a number of scenes, some only one. There are some tech glitches on some which I never even got to run, others had a delay, others had no problems whatsoever, still others worked but were of the 'click a number' variety where you could watch scenes on an in-site console but had to work really hard if you wanted to download a video for yourself.

In general, the subsites were easy to navigate and get working, but some were pretty difficult. A number had you clicking through scenes without any real knowledge of what specifically you'd be seeing. Go about halfway down the page, though, and you get to the original deep oral content, all of which runs much better than the subsites. What you get here is lots of ladies slobbin' the nob. Chokin' on the chicken. Swallowing the serpent. You're starting to get the idea. Plenty of blowjobs, and plenty of oral sex. Many of the scenes are lifted from longer professional pornos, and a few appear to be originals to one website or another (including deep oral girls). If you like watching a girl give head, then rarely will you have to fast-forward on this site, as the scenes are spliced right to the spicy parts. And there are plenty of double blow jobs as well, both with two guys taking turns and with two girls working one cock. If you search around you'll be able to find some regular sex action, but that's not really why you'd be here. You're here for gagging on the gila monster! Yep, made that last one up. The ladies really are all over the place. The majority on this site are porn stars, so you know about what you're getting: super-fine if they're younger, trending towards used-up as they age, with plenty of plastic breasts. Women from the smaller subsites - often with just the one scene - and the original content tend to be fresher with more of an amateur feel, although none are really amateurs. In general, you'll find most women in the 6-9 area, with a pretty professional feel to them. You won't find many pictures on the subsite - and the ones you do see are mostly screencaps. There are some pictorials scattered throughout, and each deep oral scene has a spread, but if you really dig stills, this isn't the place to go searching. Plenty of movies, though - with the biggest complaint being the tech side of things on the subsites. Occasionally an entire subsite won't even work at all. Most of the others make it difficult to download a scene to your computer, and most don't give you any screencap previews to check out what a scene contains before you view it. Really, they've got no good excuse - they seem to be making it much more difficult for everyone involved in an attempt to keep you from being able to download the movies. Not very user friendly. The deep oral movies have no such problems.

If you think of the subsites as extra features, then that's a pretty good thing to have. But scroll past the deep oral scenes and you'll see a whole cornucopia of sister sites you can access for free. Literally dozens. Join here, and you'll be knee-deep in porn for a looooong time, even though they don't update that often. Aside from the weird format - half onsite, half in subsites - this is a pretty good collection of oral porn. You've got some original, you've got some classics, you've got a big collection to choose from... you'll easily find something you like here.

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