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Delia CD

Delia CD

Review date: 24-Oct-2017 08:15. I’m usually not too comfortable with she-male sites. In general, I feel like they fetishize and dehumanize an already oppressed minority. The underlying subtext of most of them is, “Hey! Check out the freak show!” Fortunately, that paradigm is beginning to shift thanks to people, like Buck Angel of Transexual Man, who produce their own pornography, controlling their own images and molding the way trans-people and gender outlaws are portrayed.

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Delia CD

Intro promises:
Delia CD is a lot less politically charged, but it’s still a breath of fresh air compared to the hundreds of other tranny sites on the net. It’s one of a group of sites by real life kinky couple Trixie and Tucker. The each has their own site, their own cams and their own blog, all devoted to their own hotness. Delia CD is the realm of Tucker’s female persona, Delia. The site describes her as “the sluttiest wench to appear on Trixie and Tucker's cams,” and she doesn’t disappoint.

On the site you’ll find web cams, videos and photo galleries featuring Delia frolicking in all her exaggerated feminine glory. Most of what you’ll find is solo action, but every now and then Trixie and other guests make special appearances. On her weekly live cam show, Delia chats and takes requests from members, bringing their fantasies to life. The galleries and videos tend toward the lacey little nightie, lingerie-type theme. Delia exists in a sort of Frederick’s of Hollywood/Rocky Horror alternate reality where people go about their daily lives in sheer fabrics and garter belts. She seems so ecstatic just to be wearing thongs and stilettos. Looking at her photos, you can almost hear her gasp and whimper at the moment her big thick cock slips out of her silky little panties. There are a couple of clips that really stand out amongst all lingerie schmaltz. Delia gets raunchy and irreverent as a naughty nun in one clip, at the end of which she fucks herself with a crucifix-shaped dildo from Divine Interventions. Another gallery entitled “Victor/Victoria,” finds Delia wearing a man’s suit. These photos of Tucker tartted up as Delia dressed in as a man bend gender past its breaking point, something you definitely don’t usually see in porn.

Probably the coolest thing about Delia CD, as with all of Trixie and Tucker’s sites, is the fact that all the content is self-produced. The stuff you see on the site is the stuff that Delia actually enjoys. You get a glimpse into her actual sex life and, through her blog and witty commentary, into her everyday life. That lends the site a sense of intimacy and camaraderie that you don’t often find in porn. Or, maybe you’d rather think of it as naughty voyeurism. That works too. Either way, it’s super hot.

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