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Denim Divas

Denim Divas

Review date: 30-Oct-2017 04:56. Does anything come between you and your Calvins'? I guess we as a sexually sensitive and aware society have come to take it for granted that the fetishes that we've come to, and come to know, sometimes just aren't enough. In fact, there are many 'fetishes' garnering the fetish title that most people who weren't in the business of working with information about fetishes, would even begin to think of as being considered fetishes.

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Denim Divas

Intro promises:
I guess I took it for granted when I figured a nice female ass in a pair of tight jeans was nice, but nothing really that much more than just a nice female ass in a pair of tight jeans. Featuring the work of the photographer known as 'I Shot Em All' (which is not a name I would have made up, had I in fact made it up), Denim Divas sets out to prove otherwise: 'The goal of Denim Divas is to bring the hottest girls in the tightest and hottest jeans to you for your own enjoyment. Denim Divas is for the viewer who demands the very best. The best girls, the best jeans, the best photography, and as an added bonus, video clips of the photo shoots!'

The softcore nature of the photo galleries is reminiscent of an extremely glorified department store catalog, with only two instances of completely bared breasts (very small ones at that) and a couple of whiskers worth of pubic stubble. Ranging in age, race, hair color, and birthplace, it might be safe to assume that the ladies here have been though some vigorous fashion photo posing sessions that focused on every nuance of bending over. Workin' it through hundreds of shots while wearing a wide array of denim trousers and skirts, coupled with an assortment of low-cut blouses, bikini tops, bras, and topless with strategically placed arms, almost all of the Divas allow a peek of the panties that tend to make a cameo appearance when pants are partially pulled down. These pics are very clear though, and offer an alternative avenue to freely ogle some well-proportioned assets. Streaming in high-quality QuickTime, and containing on-set footage of the photo shoots, the short video clips all have a music video feel to them complete with some really good hip-hop influenced background beats. It's here that you're more likely to catch a glimpse of a tit or two, and a slightly longer look at bared butt cheeks. Unfortunately, none of these scenes are substantial enough for you to become anymore acquainted with the ladies than you were while flipping through their photos.

Unless the jeans fetishist who logs in here is really anal, s/he should enjoy the content here. The rest of you who fancy less of the type of material you can find in the pages of the MILF-next-door's junk mail, and more of the ole' in-out, should tiptoe away from here back towards the land of divas dining amidst a deluge of dicks as they sail across seas thick with frothy semen, to finally settle in a place where once the pants come off, they stay off.

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