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Desperate Popstars

Desperate Popstars

Review date: 13-Aug-2017 06:11. They want to sing for their supper, but first they'll have to suck for their chance! Ads placed for girls that can carry a tune leads to an interview and audition, all seems right with the world, but then they are hit up with the proposition and the price they have to pay for the notoriety ' hardcore sex with those that can make their dreams come true.

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Desperate Popstars

Intro promises:
They will have a better chance of hitting those high notes after the throat banging they take. Desperate Popstars offers a tour area with streaming footage and promises of sets numbered into the thousands for video and high resolution pictures. One thing to keep in mind though, is the fact there are bonus sites that accompany. Tony and Lauro are the two horn-dogs with the plan on getting all of the pussy they can handle. The scam couldn't possibly go awry, and all they can think of is tricking the next babe into thinking she'll be a star in no time and then they bed her as a sign of her payback. I will say one thing, if you're going to be bamboozled into a boinking, you may as well have two hot guys like these doing it to you!

Finding the fun won't give you a headache from Desperate Popstars, the main page carries blocks with everything you'll want nestled within. As I thought, the high numbers through tour must have been a combination count for all of the bonuses as well, because I'm tallying up a total of 34 sets. From these framed areas you can access the videos and the pictures. The most recent girl added is a cute brunette with deep colored eyes and a look of being an up and cumming starlet. Tanya is her name and she found out exactly how to make beautiful music with Lauro, and the act did include nudity as part of the warm up exercise. The first few episodes the film is broken down into, is pretty much the preliminaries of getting from point A to Buff, and from there it doesn't take long. These 5 minute long installments give enough time to really get to know the personalities, and hers quickly turns into a hungry little honey that takes on both of these men for a chance in the spotlight. Her skin tone is lovely, her breasts are just small enough to be appealing and her ass is round, smooth and tight, a nice combination of traits. Once she strips there's no holding back the sex drive that fills the room quickly. She does a nice job of going to the root with her mouth and equally as deep with her pussy. The quality of video enjoyment from Desperate Popstars came through nicely, they offer streaming or download, with WMV as the format, and bringing in numbers such as a 748Kbps, and a video size of, 480x384. The only basic changes I found while going through the archived updates would be that in the older additions you do have choices for your video viewing, which means you can either opt for 1 minute clips, or up to 15 minutes, but they seem to stick with the same format of WMV. As I mentioned, the images are right there at your finger tips as well, and I'm finding really nice quality when opening them up. These JPEG's hold the color well, warm hues fill the frame ' even though the frame doesn't quite fit the screen for the most part. In their largest offering I'm finding an approximate pixel size of, 750x500. There is a folder included with each set and 200+ in count seems to be what fills that folder. These are the high resolution as promised, and even though they aren't huge, they will definitely be enjoyed.

There are extras going along with Desperate Popstars, one of which is a third party feed for live chat. There are also reality movies at no extra cost from sites such as, Nice Round Boobs, Perfect Round Asses, and, Back Seat Suck and Fuck, just to name a few. It's from these offered sites that I'm wondering if some of the material count didn't derive from, that was offered in a bit of a misleading way. And with the videos not really coming in at the quality that was pledged, the membership fee might be a bit too high for my liking.

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