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Dick Dorm

Dick Dorm

Review date: 22-Dec-2016 19:12. The dorm is filled with gay and straight guys alike, and looks like the latter don’t mind becoming the former for a generous load of cash! Dick Dorm is all about handsome young men on campus going gay to make a dorm video and have a shot at winning ten thousand bucks! The site is all about hot college men going gayer than gay because of booze and cash.

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Dick Dorm

Intro promises:
You surely know all those dorm sites. Seems to be a clear trend in porn today, people having fun in dorms and submitting their videos to a site for fun and cash. Well, we should say that with Dick Dorm this trend is taking the gay niche by storm. The site is all about handsome and young college men, straight men, mind you, getting tricked into doing all sorts of naughty gay things by their gay friends, their drunk straight friends, and their sly female friends. If you ever fantasized about male dorm get-togethers ending in no holds barred cocksucking and ass-pumping action with straight guys getting it all the way, this is your thing. The site’s content looks so authentic, the camera is so wobbly and the people are acting so natural that you are guaranteed to experience a thrill that you won’t soon forget.

The free area is very informative that’s for sure. Apart from the large thumbnails and cool, funny and hot episode stories, there are video previews which send the right message all the way across to you. Check them out and you will feel the spirit of Dick Dorm. Booze, hot young men, wobbly cameras, sperm and drinks all around, this is something which will bring you back to the college days of your wildest dreams. And it’s all real here!

The site is relatively new, and everything here looks real, not staged. This probably accounts for the number of episodes here. You won’t be counting hundreds. On the other hand, the site is growing every week, and as long as everything is real, not staged, looks like the site is getting better on a regular basis. Right now, you can watch the videos through the site’s Flash-based player. The quality is quite good. In fact, they are 1280px and with the fact that they are around 30 minutes long each, this creates a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience. Expect to see hot-looking young men drinking and having fun in dorms, making their buddies suck cock for the first time, pounding some virgin ass, and it all happens in the natural and very real atmosphere of a dorm party gone wrong – or right? Whatever you think, Dick Dorm is a site with a cool concept and cool-looking content.

Dick Dorm is a pretty unique site where hot college men get together and the straightest of them have hardcore gay sex for the first time. The videos are full of authenticity and feature a generous amount of group wildness as well as delicious oral and anal sex sequences. Live out your gay dorm dreams with this site, and if you happen to have straight friends at your dorm who you expect to go gay whenever the opportunity is there, you can make quite a bit of money! Shoot it all, submit to the site, and wait for the prize. Even if you don’t win, it’s gonna be fun.

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