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Diesel Live

Diesel Live

Review date: 29-Oct-2017 05:25. Billing itself as 'The only black muscle webcam site on the Web' and himself as 'The Web's Most Worshipped Icon,' Diesel is distinctly not shy. Diesel, the man, the myth, the legend, is built, black, and more than a little freaky. This ego, however, is not entirely unfounded. He is gorgeous, dark, and smooth (think: lovechild of Mike Tyson and Tyson Beckford) with a sly smile and an impish sense of humor that comes out periodically in his galleries and videos.

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Diesel Live

Intro promises:
At this time, Diesel Live is all Diesel, all the time, but he does have an open call posted to the site for others to join in the muscular fun. For now, there are pages and pages of galleries of Diesel's favorite subject (Diesel) and a dozens of videos (formatted for Windows Media Player 9). Each clip has a title and brief description. All of these video offerings feature Diesel getting off in different settings, different ways, and (as mentioned) different countries. He knows he's got a great body and it is clear that he wants viewers to enjoy it as well. Diesel is so enamored with everything that he does, that he's even got a penchant for playing with bodily fluids in ways that some members may not have thought of before. Users can vote for their favorite videos which are then registered and recorded by TopThugs.

In the Diesel Live Forum, members can post and review comments like, 'Boy, you're a real freak! Seeing you eat that cracker full of cum was dope, D. I keep watching that video over and over and over again! You need to sell that to me, papi!(Nasty Quince)' or 'Yo, wassup money. Yo ass needs to be licked by someone with a long ass tongue. Holla back playa, you know wassup!(thuglove313)' The Diesel Art section contains a series of digitally manipulated images of Diesel that are available for download, most in different resolutions, that have been submitted by member artists/fans of the man. Diesel also has a comic book series, called 'Fuel City,' but the present image has yet to be hyperlinked. Diesel, a man of many talents and multiple interests, will also field questions related to bodybuilding about training and nutrition.

The Diesel Live homepage lists the schedule for his streaming shows as well as the dates when his photo galleries will be updated. If all of this doesn't satisfy your desire for all things Diesel, you can click over to the Store and get yourself a thong worn by the man himself ('sweated in at the gym and soaked in genuine Diesel J. cum') or a nice muscle T with the Diesel Live logo on it to prove your devotion to black muscle.

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