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Dirty Sweet Teens

Dirty Sweet Teens

Review date: 13-Oct-2017 06:12. When I went to high school, the cheerleaders were lower on the cool chain than the geeks. Not so here at Dirty Sweet Teens, a sort of utopia for those who get off on nubile smut. Everywhere you turn on this site you’ll find cheerleaders and schoolgirls, sucking cock and rubbing themselves in locker rooms at a school near you.

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Dirty Sweet Teens

Intro promises:
This site is full of illusion, and if you can’t get past the fact that these cheerleaders look about 30, then you’ll giggle at its silliness like I did. But if you can let your imagination convince you that you are indeed watching young and innocent girls do naughty things, and if that’s the sort of thing that turns you on, then welcome to your wildest dreams.

The challenge here, as with other sites in this group, lies in choosing something to watch. Here, let me help: I adore Tammy the Hardcore Cheerleader, especially when she wears her hair in pigtails. She has spirit, yes she does [giggle giggle]! “I wonder if Bobby likes to watch girls masturbate,” she says, “because I’d love to do it for him. I love to masturbate!” In her videos, she talks dirty to herself and the camera while she diddles away, and her enthusiasm never falters. She’s so damn cute, she’s worth the 3-day trial membership at least.

All the teen porn standards are represented here: schoolgirls, classroom settings, spring break party girls, virgins, etc. But the content isn’t always the best quality. I watched snippets of the Hardcore Classroom Pussy Exam and found it unappealing, due mostly to the jerky camera work and the look of utter disinterest on the girl’s face. Other streams were broken or choppy, and the acting was so disappointingly unconvincing — even for porn standards — that I lost interest. Your best bet for high quality on this site is the photo galleries, loaded with thousands of smutty images of “teens” doing dirty things, which is what you’re here for, right? If not, or if you want some variety, you can access pretty much every type of porn imaginable with a membership to this site — voyeur, lesbian, amateur, big cock, anal, oral, threesomes, and more. This is what they charge fifty clams a month for. But think of it this way: if your budget allows for it, and if your porn appetite is whetted, then buying a site membership here – with access to about 20 sites – will eliminate your need for any other web porn — at least for a little while!

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