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Divorced Date Link

Divorced Date Link

Review date: 10-Dec-2017 04:49. Finally there is a dating website that focuses solely on divorced women! After a failed marriage, many women chose to shut themselves out from the dating scene, because it's very hard for them to got through it again so many years later. They tend to be very shy and insecure, and the previous bad experience isn't helping.

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Divorced Date Link

Intro promises:
That's why it's so great to have a website like Divorced Date Link that gets them back into dating in a painless and fast way. We decided to take a closer look at what Divorced Date Link has to offer to its members. As far as the website's design is concerned, they stuck to the 'keep it simple' motto. No superfluous options or fancy design that only keeps you distracted, just a classic and neat look. This makes finding your way around fairly easy, even for the new members that have just opened their accounts. In a matter of minutes of exploring, you'll find where everything is and it will feel familiar with it. So, everyone can join and start looking for their partner in a matter of minutes! When we opened up an account and started exploring the website, we were pretty curious about the advertisement that said that there are thousands of members online at any time, so we had to check it out. It really is true, so if you're up for a chat you can choose some of the lovely ladies here and get to know them better.

For those with web cams, this comes as a pleasant surprise. Divorced Date Link offers its members a 24/7 live video chat option, so that you can talk in real time and get to see and hear the person. This helps a lot, making sure that what you see is really what you get, because with online dating you can never be too sure about the persons looks until you see it with your eyes. Since there are hundreds of thousands members on this site, no wonder that not every woman is looking for the same thing. Some of them want to take things slow and emphasize that they want to be friends first, and get to know the person before committing to a serious relationship. While these ladies are looking for a second chance in love, some of the others are looking for a completely opposite think. Often you'll ran into profiles where women openly declare that they're not into anything serious right now, and are very clear about having a casual partner for sex. So, whether you're looking for your soul mate or someone to have fun with and nothing more, this is the place to look for. We've experienced this on several occasions. Sometimes, when engaging in a video chat with an online member, the connection fails and you have to reestablish the video call. Although this lasts only a couple of seconds and doesn't happen very often, it can be annoying. We don't know whether a large number of people online trying to to video chat at the same time is causing this problem, but it should be somehow fixed,if possible.

The online dating market is most definitely in need of more websites like this, because the current trend shows that over 40% marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. That means a lot of divorced people looking for a new partner. Divorced Date Link has recognized the need for a dating site for divorced people, and seized the opportunity to become one of the leading dating websites on the market. Like every other website, it has a couple of flaws and there is always room for improvement, but our overall impression is that Divorced Date Link has a lot to offer, and is definitely worthy of your time. The free profile is easy to make, but you should upgrade your membership in order to get all the feature the website offers. Yes, you have to pay, but using the limited version isn't gonna get you anywhere. Besides, Divorced Date Link offers various discounts for subscribing for 3 months or a year, and there are special monthly rates after that period expires. So save your money and choose a three for two value pack for $49.72.

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